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This item originally appeared in the Feb. 19, 2004, issue of The Tech Talk.


Staff Writer

Students will now have more places to sit, thanks to a bill passed by the Student Government Association on Dec. 17.

The SGA passed Bill 16, a motion to spend $3,000 from the Special Projects Fund to buy wooden benches to place around campus.

The SGA plans to use the entire Special Projects Fund budget to purchase a minimum of three new benches.

Jennifer Porter, SGA president and a senior marketing major, said this is a long-term investment.

"We are not going to buy benches that are going to last on campus only five years," Porter said. "These benches we are purchasing will last Tech 70 to 80 years."

Porter said the new benches would help highlight new areas around campus.

"Outside of Tolliver needs benches because now this area is receiving more traffic than it used to," Porter said. "I would like to also see new benches around the sidewalks along the plaza. These areas seem to be top priority."

Although the SGA can only afford three benches, it is not the only organization looking into providing them.

"Aramark is very interested in purchasing a couple of benches too," Porter said.

"From Aramark's point of view, the benches are giving students a reason to stop and maybe go in and buy something."

Students can expect to see the benches around campus next quarter.

Porter said she hopes this will be an ongoing trend and something SGA can add on to each quarter.

"Hopefully next quarter we can purchase benches for outside the residential areas."

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