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Students speak out on the 'Bridging the Great Divide' story

Is it a black and white issue

Is it a black and white issue? YES!!! To the editor who has done an extraordinary job of addressing this topic, I would just like to thank you and commend you for a job well done. The informal poll was a great idea but I do not think it will solve the problem. I disagree with Jim King’s explanation concerning the separation in the Student Center blaming it on the concept of “psychology of design.” It is not because of the design; it is because of the people and their own personal thoughts. I totally agree with Reggie Owens stating that we are not responsible for what happened 400 years ago but we are responsible for how we act today.

In the issue of Tolliver, the majority of the African American students do not hang in the building. As for the issue of Union Board, I have heard the rumors of them throwing away minority applications. I have personally submitted two applications along with pictures and was not chosen to serve in the organization as a member. In closing I would like to say that it is sad that the same issue of segregation is still present today as it was in 1967 when Reggie Owens was here. This just shows how the laws cannot make a person have a change of heart or change their beliefs.

Thank you


Nette Archangel

Senior Middle School Education


NAACP Secretary


First off, I would like to say thank you for writing such an important cover story “Bridging the great divide.” This story expresses a lot of emotions and opinions the minority students have held inside while attending this university. This has been an issue sitting deep in my heart, and now I think this is the proper time to expound on it. I agree with Mr. Owens when he said that the problem lies within a person’s heart, and as an American student I believe that time for change needs to be now.

I think it is time to address the perceptions of each other’s culture. 

We need to stop all these stereotypes and try to get to know a person for who he/she is. The informal poll was a good idea, but it was not enough. Let’s do a formal poll and then maybe we could get down to the bottom of the problem.  I believe that education on this issue and the acceptance of other cultures could be part of the solution, because there is no one true solution to this problem. No one could ever give a complete explanation for the suffering and the mental anguish racism and hatred has brought to many African Americans in America.

One problem I find disturbing is there is equal representative in a lot of “supposedly” diverse organization on this campus. For instance, let’s say Union Board if there is a “supposedly” 10 percent minority applications, and minority members make up 15-20 percent of the board could those applications and members be accounted for? What “board” is this 15-20 percent serving on? Because I am a prominent student leader on this campus and I applied for Union Board about four times.  Remember these figures are said to be “close to an equal representation of the minority population at Tech.” But is it the right representation?

I do not understand, because we are playing fees to this organization and we are sometimes told we can not be a part of it. Union Board it is time for a change.

Orientation Student Leader or should I say OSL Coordinator, I guess you all would have the same explanation, too. Let’s not mention the times I spent trying-out for OSL.

These issues expressed are only meant to bring awareness to certain issues, but I hope this university will soon take this into consideration for the future and maybe this will be a “Key” recruiting point for this university. What I mean is true diversity, not just saying it. Everything I said is not meant to be rude or harsh, but it is meant to be the “truth.”

I do believe the students on this campus are making efforts to diminish some of the barriers, but we are doing it in moderation.

To the students, let’s take an extra initiative to make it better.

With great intentions,


Cekedrick Batton

Senior Speech major

President-Minority Student


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