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Students now have a great opportunity to enhance their learning experience at Tech by utilizing the newly developed Student Ac

Students now have a great opportunity to enhance their learning experience at Tech by utilizing the newly developed Student Achievement Center, located in the Wyly Tower of Learning.

According to the Tech Web site, the idea for the center was conceived in 2005. 

The Student Achievement Center, which is located on the main and third floors of Wyly, will offer academic assistance to students who desire a little extra attention.

Several areas the center will focus on include math learning assistance, writing aid and advising for those who are undecided or undeclared with their major.

Students may not have known, but the writing center opened earlier  in winter quarter. The writing center, which has two assistants on staff, offers advice to those struggling with a writing assignment. 

But don’t expect the tutors to write your assignments for you, or proof read the final copy. These qualified advisees are only there to offer suggestions for anyone struggling.  

Because the center is free of charge, students should have every reason to take full advantage of its lasting benefits. Free assistance to those who need another set of eyes for an English assignment, or a little extra tutoring for a math class, will find that the center can be very helpful.

So what do students have to lose?

Another interesting facet of the center is advising for students with undeclared or undecided majors. Those looking for a little guidance towards the job of their dreams are literally a short distance away.

Tech administration is hoping the center will result in higher retention rates and graduation rates to rise.

As Norm Pumphrey, director of retention and advising, said in this week’s article, the center was formed to help students be successful at Tech and beyond.

“We are about trying to help them succeed, so they can get their degree, hopefully from Louisiana Tech, and go on to bigger and better things,” he said.

All students are encouraged by The Tech Talk to take full advantage of the great assistance Tech provides.

Students will see that succeeding further with their academics can make their experience at Tech even more rewarding.   

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