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“Failure to Launch” opens with tan, handsome bachelor Tripp having dinner with a beautiful, blonde woman who wants to know whe

“Failure to Launch” opens with tan, handsome bachelor Tripp having dinner with a beautiful, blonde woman who wants to know where their relationship is going.

After dinner, they arrive at his picturesque two-story suburban home to cap off the night, but they are interrupted by his dad barging into his room. “You live with your parents!” she exclaims. He slyly remarks, “Is that a problem?”

Tripp, played by Matthew McConaughey (Sahara, The Wedding Planner), is a 35-year-old free-loader and successful boat broker, who lives at home.

His mom cleans his room, fluffs and folds his clothes daily and cooks him three hot meals a day.

Tripp utilizes his current residence to rid himself of women looking for commitment.

Kathy Bates (Waterboy, Fried Green Tomatoes) plays his mother, Sue, and Tech’s own Terry Bradshaw (FOX NFL Sunday) plays his father, Al.

Tripp’s parents have a problem; they think it is past time for Tripp’s ship to launch from their harbor.

So they take action and hire a professional for the job.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex in the City, The Family Stone) plays Paula, a professional motivation interventionist, whose job is to motivate men to leave home.

Paula uses several carefully planned and tested steps in her line of work.

Her secret to success is having a “memorable meeting” and subsequently pretending to like what he likes.

Paula gives him the opportunity to comfort her and teach her something, earn the support of his friends and she assures Tripp’s parents he will be ready for a delayed but successful launch.

Paula thinks Tripp is just like all her other clients, until she starts to fall for him.

Chaos ensues as he tries to dump her by bringing her to his house, and with his friends he encounters strange, comically-animated animal attacks as he comes to terms with what is going on in his life and debating the ultimate decision to launch himself.

Both Tripp and Paula have secrets revealed about why each of them are at this place in their lives.

Director Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon, Showtime) leads the audience in all the secret crevices of Paula’s strategic plans and to the heart of Tripp’s home stay phobias.

‘Launch’ offers plenty of laughs whether it is between Tripp and Paula’s dating process, Paula’s quirky behavior or Tripp’s dad’s unusual habit.

The entire movie reads along the lines of ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ but it is set apart by the mixture of a well-rounded cast and nicely positioned (though sometimes cheesy) comical remarks which makes the movie a must-see whether it is one time or a dozen.


— By Morgan Tarpley,

Staff Writer

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