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Chi Alpha still in need

When Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship’s house caught fire March 2, the group found itself homeless and having lost many possessi

When Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship’s house caught fire March 2, the group found itself homeless and having lost many possessions, but they felt safe and lucky to have escaped any injuries or harm.

The organizations on campus have come to not only serve as places for students to hone their talents and express their beliefs, but   also to serve as a second home for the students who devote time and energy into those organizations.

Four members of Chi Alpha — Greg Layfield, a senior computer science major,  Hunter Crawford, senior political science major,  Zach Kissinger, junior business major,  and Claude Wyatt, a former Tech student — not only figuratively made Chi Alpha their home, but did so literally as well, and lost most of their possessions.

While the fact that no one lost their lives is the most important factor, the students did find themselves in a precarious situation and in need of support.

The staff of Chi Alpha and countless other organizations and individuals have thus far gone to great lengths to ensure that those students were provided for in the weeks after the fire.

The organization credits the fact that no students were hurt in the fire — when people were usually always at the house — to something more than just pure luck, perhaps a testament to the beliefs the group bases itself around.

The fire began in a back bedroom of the house, in and near where the residents slept. Had the fire begun in the middle of the night, while they were sleeping, there is no doubt fatalities would have occurred.

Tech prides itself on its family atmosphere, and the organizations here undoubtedly provide much of that to its students. Where the president and faculty cannot always be personal with students, the student may find that personal interaction within the organization.

As Chi Alpha, a member of the Tech family that encompasses an average of 115 students, struggles to find its feet, it should be able to look to other groups for support and foundation as a new transition occurs.

When another member of the Tech family is in need, Chi Alpha will then be a part of the relief having grown strong enough again with help from its family.

It is in this way that we all work together, aiding those who are weak so that they will become strong.

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