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This item originally appeared in the March 24, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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This summer, a three percent increase will go into effect for all schools in the University of Louisiana System.

"I'm not for the increase, but if it's necessary to keep our school running as it is, then it has to be done," Kim Ludwig, the president of the Student Government Association and a senior business management and entrepreneurship major said.

Joe Thomas, the vice president for financial services, said SGA members in all eight schools in the UL System, and the president, Sally Clausen, along with several other officials, met in February to clear up what the increase is all about.

Ludwig said this increase is not something that students want to hear about because such increases seem to be frequent, but she said schools in the UL System really are behind other schools in our region. She said, if increasing tuition by three percent will catch Tech up, it needs to be done.

"Three percent is not that bad compared to other schools in the region that have increased tuition by up to 20 percent," Ludwig said. She said this increase may not enhance Tech, but with inflation and perpetual extra costs it is necessary to increase tuition just to keep the school running as is.

Ludwig said that TOPS will include this increase in the scholarship, but for students not receiving scholarships there will be an average of $48 per quarter/semester.

For students who cannot afford some of the increases over the past few years, arrangements have been made to cover their extra costs after the increase.

Thomas said the Division of Financial Aid at Tech is currently putting together packages to add this increase that will start in the summer.

Many students on campus, like Molly Causey, a graduate student of accounting, do not know that this increase is about to happen.

"This increase doesn't affect me [because I have scholarships], but anything to help Tech is fine by me," Causey said.

The three percent increase may not affect students like Causey, or other students at Tech, and there are many things going on behind the scenes from this tuition increase, Thomas said.

Ludwig said that other schools in the region that get more funding offer newer facilities, technology, and a wider variety of services that Tech would benefit from if Tech had more funding.

Schools in the UL System include Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech University, McNeese State University-Lake Charles, Nicholls State University-Thibodaux, Northwestern State University-Natchitoches, Southeastern State University-Hammond, University of Louisiana-Lafayette and University of Louisiana-Monroe.

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