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This item originally appeared in the March 25, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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In a memorandum sent to the staff and faculty of the university, Tech President Dr. Dan Reneau announced the promotion of two professors to the position of vice president.

In the message, Dr. Terry M. McConathy, a former dean of Graduate School and university research and a professor of English, was named the new executive vice president and renamed dean of the Graduate School.

Dr. Leslie K. Guice, former dean of the College of Engineering and Science and a Jack Thigpen professor of civil engineering, was named the new vice president for research and development and renamed director of information technology.

Reneau said he made the recommendations for the promotions and is pleased the proposal was approved by the Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System.

Reneau also said the recipients of the promotions are deserving people who have excelled in their different fields both academically and in their leadership capabilities.

"[McConathy and Guice] performed at an admirable level," Reneau said. "I have no doubt they will perform well in their new positions."

Guice said his promotion is an opportunity as well as a responsibility.

"I certainly feel honored to be selected by Dr. Reneau to take on this important role for the university," Guice said. "I believe it's a position that is important to the university to fill at the time, given the growth and opportunity we have at the present time."

Guice said his new duties include providing strategic direction and oversight of all the research programs at the institution to enhance the development of technologies, particularly in information technology.

Guice also said he will support economic development through growth of new businesses that stem from our research programs.

McConathy said her job description includes overseeing strategic planning, assessment of the university programs and accreditation. She also said she is delighted about her new position and anticipates working in her new capacity with the university president on his plans and goals toward a greater school.

"This is a very challenging opportunity, especially working with Dr. Reneau, who has a very insightful vision for the school," McConathy said. "I feel excited and humbled to be part of fulfilling this vision for Tech."

McConathy received her bachelor's degree in English in 1969 from the University of Trinity College in the University of Toronto, Canada; her master's in English from Tech in 1986; and her doctorate in composition and rhetoric from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1989. She is a native of Toronto.

McConathy joined the faculty in 1990 as an assistant professor in the department of English. She has also served in various capacities including research associate for the Institute of Micromanufacturing and also coordinator of English in the School of Literature and Language.

Guice has also worked in different areas including assistant director of the Trenchless Technology Center, head of civil engineering, academic director of the College of Engineering and Science, and founding director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

Guice is also director of information technology, a position he has held since 1998.

Guice received his bachelor's degree in architecture and master's degree in civil engineering from Tech.

He earned his doctorate in civil engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station.

He is a native of Bastrop.

McConathy said their new positions become official April 1.

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