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Promotions continue university's growth

This item originally appeared in the March 25, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

The Tech Talk would like to recognize the recent promotions given to well-deserving, dedicated faculty members.

Dr. Terry McConathy, former dean of the graduate school and research and a professor of English, has been named the new executive vice president and renamed the dean of the Graduate School.

Also, Dr. Leslie Guice, former dean of engineering and science and a Jack Thigpen professor of civil engineering, has been named the new vice president for research and development and renamed director of information technology.

In the midst of record enrollment, retention and research, Dr. Reneau has expanded his team of leaders to help carry on the greater vision for the university.

McConathy, once president of the Faculty Senate, is one of the most hard-working and student-friendly administrators on campus.

Her new responsibilities will include overseeing planning, assessment and accreditation. The fact that McConathy is an English professor will add balance to a university most widely known for engineering.

Guice, who spearheaded the Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, will now continue help administer what he created.

Now, though leaving the deanship, he will have opportunities to extend his expertise to an even wider area of the campus.

Also moving up, Dr. Stanley Napper, academic director of biomedical, mechanical and industrial engineering and a professor of biomedical engineering, has been named the interim dean of the College of Engineering and Science.

Napper will act as dean until a university search committee is able to examine candidates and fill the position.

In a passionate ad-libbed speech in Baton Rouge, Dr. Reneau convinced the board of supervisors for the University of Louisiana System these promotions were the right, economical move to make.

He reiterated the fact that these administrators were key to the Reneau-inspired "good to great" leap.

With progress there is change and with change there is responsibility.

Recent promotions will allow the responsibility to be shared.

The Tech Talk has faith that the promotions will keep the wheels of quality education turning well into the future.

With Tech being on the cusp of great things, a few good moves have been made to keep the university growing.

The positions will become official April 1.

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