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This item originally appeared in the March 25, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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After serving Tech for almost 20 years, Dr. Stanley Napper, academic director of biomedical, mechanical and industrial engineering and a professor of biomedical engineering, has become the interim dean of the College of Engineering and Science.

Prior to being announced the interim dean, he worked as the executive associate dean to Les Guice, former dean of the College of Engineering and Science.

"As interim dean I will continue to work with the college leadership teams and university administration to implement the strategic plan and excellent programs that are already in place," Napper said.

Napper also said he enjoys working at the university and doing what he thinks will help students here.

"My primary professional goals now are to increase the ability of our college to serve students through excellent education and research," Napper said.

Napper said his current research has been in engineering education and in exploring applications of artificial intelligence in biomedical engineering.

Napper's most recent project, which he began in the mid-'90s, involves the integration of new engineering topics, students, faculty and schedules within the college's curriculum.

Napper is also involved in service activities on and off campus through student organizations, professional organizations and administration.

Napper will act as dean until a search committee is able to examine candidates and fill the position.

Tech President Dr. Dan Reneau said he has known Napper as a student, faculty member and fellow administrator.

"[Napper] sets very high goals and is able to achieve them," Reneau said.

Reneau said new programs have been implemented within the College of Engineering and Science as a result of many people's work, including Napper's research.

Dr. Kenneth Rea, vice president of academic affairs, said Napper was chosen for the interim dean position because of his biomedical engineering background, his past administrative positions and the respect he has gained across campus.

Rea also said he feels fortunate to have someone like Napper available for the position.

"I feel very fortunate to have someone of his abilities that we can call on at this time."

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