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This item originally appeared in the March 25, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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Student Government Association members decided Tuesday to allow students to vote on a $25 fee increase during spring elections, which will be held April 28 and 29.

Dr. Jim King, vice president for Student Affairs, said the fee increase would give organizations more money to work with and have a significant impact on university culture.

"Some of the fees have not been adjusted in 30 years and the buying power would provide for entertainment and programming," King said.

King also said the changes can only be achieved through an additional fee. The idea for the fee increase originated from various student organizations wanting to see additional funding and how it could impact the university.

King said the organizations are not limited to receiving the amount of money allotted to them in the proposal, and they can submit an additional proposal for further funding to the student government.

"It requires students to think proposals through and clearly express what they will do with the money to ensure the money will be used more appropriately," King said.

King also said the percentage of funds set aside for student organizations is based on existing fees that are proportional to the increase in tuition costs because of inflation.

Jennifer Porter, SGA president and a senior marketing major, said executive SGA members formulated a model of what each organization was getting and compared that number to national averages.

"We tried to work out a compromise between what they needed and what we could ask the students to pay."

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