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Concerned alumni speak out about possible system merger

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,


I recently read the article on the possible merger of LSU-S and Louisiana Tech University.

 I am a 2001 graduate of Louisiana Tech and I find the idea of the possible merger to be quite disturbing.  Louisiana Tech holds a special place in my heart. I met many of my lifelong friends at Tech, and I have frequent correspondence with many of my professors. This closely knit community is what sets Louisiana Tech apart from LSU by leaps and bounds. 

Though I do not reside in Louisiana any more, often times when I visit the state I will take a trip up to Ruston to visit the campus. 

Louisiana Tech’s beauty and academic prowess as an institution of higher learning will be lost as a result of this possible merger.  I am in agreement with my other fellow Tech alumni in saying that if I had wanted to attend LSU then that is where I would have chosen.  I am a proponent of change and progress, but truly there must be some way where the two universities could draft an agreement of affiliation. For example, when I was a student at Tech there was the ICP Program where students could take course work at Grambling State and vice versa.  I also know  that a similar agreement exist between Southern University and LSU-Baton Rouge.  These programs have proven beneficial, but each school has been able to maintain autonomy.  The state legislature should evaluate the current agreement between LSU-Baton Rouge and Southern University.  These two schools are under separate boards and the long time success of the collaboration could render many keys as to how this could be implemented in the northern part of the state.

 If Tech President Dan Reneau has the best interest of the university in mind then he will fight to preserve the identity of our beloved alma mater. 

 Concerned alumnus,


Darius D. Jackson

Tampa Bay, FL


Dear Editor,

As a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and a current member of the Board or Engineering and Science, I cannot fathom the possibility of the University coming under the auspises of the LSU System. As a native of Dallas, I intentionally selected Louisiana Tech for my college education based on the success my father had and the excellent engineering reputation. LSU was considered and then still considered today to be a party school where second tier students find themselves when their high school GPA falls below sea level.  Merging with the LSU system, in my eyes, will cause irreparable harm to the reputation of the University.  I, as well as, other alumni feel that the proposal should be rejected and opposed from every angle feasible. Louisiana Tech has gone a long way in promoting its own reputation above and beyond other colleges in the region and should continue on the current path of success. Tech’s enrollment has increased over the past several years as well as its admission requirements  a sign that quality students want a quality education at a university that has earned their respect.  Merging with additional campuses will only create a quagmire of bureaucratic indecision and inefficiencies. Bottom line, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  

Best regards,

Nikolaus Z. Schwabe

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