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By MANDY THOMAS ajt008@latech



The fourth and second floors of Neilson Residence Hall were flooded at approximately 1 a.m. March 26 due to vandalism of the fixtures in the bathroom.

The water from the vandalism on the fourth floor caused flooding on the third floor bathroom and the water from the vandalism of the second-floor bathroom caused flooding and damage of the first-floor library.

Tech Police Chief Steve Quinnelly said investigators arrived shortly after the incident happened and are continuing to investigate the vandalism.

Quinnelly said this is a criminal offense and ultimately students pay for the damages because the housing cost students pay goes toward repairs, and that money is unable to be spent in other areas.

We encourage anyone to report any knowledge of perpetrators through our crimestoppers program, Quinnelly said.

David Smith, Tech housing area coordinator, said most of the damages were done to the structure of the residence hall, such as the carpet and ceiling tiles.

Smith said no damages were made to student property other than a few minor damages that were reported to items such as floor rugs.

The effect to the students themselves was a negative effect that forced innocent students to become displaced for several hours, Smith said.

A wrench was used to loosen the sinks on the fourth floor and the second floor, Smith said, and a piece of a urinal was removed on the second floor ,forcing strong water pressure to flood the bathroom and the first floor lobby.

Smith said with the assistance of the Tech police, resident assistants and students, the situation was able to be controlled quickly and efficiently.

This is the second time this year Neilson Residence Hall has flooded, Smith said, except this time it was intentional.

Smith said, Its a disgrace to me and the students not involved that college students think its appropriate to vandalize and damage a residence hall.

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