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This item originally appeared in the April 14, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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The results for Student Government Association elections are in.

Lindsay Mencacci, SGA vice president and a senior biology major, is SGA president-elect. Mencacci said she is excited about the projects the upcoming year holds.

"This year there are many changes being made at the state level in post secondary education that will effect us," Mencacci said.

She expects these projects to improve different areas on campus. She said she also hopes to improve residence halls with the housing department.

"We plan to finish Tech Express by making concessions at games and machines at the [Maxie Lambright Intramural Sports Center] accessible with our cards," Mencacci said.

She is also excited about fresh ideas from Cazerrick "C.J." Johnson, a sophomore political science major and vice president-elect.

"He is new to the office but not to hard work," Mencacci said.

As class president all four years in high school, Johnson is ready with new projects to get students heard.

"I know this position will take a strong leader, and I am ready to be that," Johnson said.

Kimberly Ludwig, current SGA president and a senior business management and entrepreneurship major, said this is a bittersweet moment.

"There are a lot of new faces that are motivated and excited to follow up with all the projects we have worked on and I know they will just make them bigger and better," Ludwig said.

Other executive members include second year SGA treasurer, Emily Allison, a junior marketing major, and new SGA secretary Carrifrances DiCarlo, a sophomore biology major.

Alison Willsher, a junior kinesiology major, has been elected for senior class president. Senior senators are Jacquelyn Adcock, a junior biology major, and Kirk Sweeney, a junior professional aviation major.

Brandon Davis, a junior electrical engineering major, has been elected junior class president. Junior senator members include Sheena Kelly, a sophomore medical technology major, and Elaine Eaton, a sophomore speech communications major.

For sophomore class elections Hunter Temple, a sophomore general studies major, was elected class president. McKenzie Williams, a freshman biology major, and Heather Bowden, a freshman elementary education major, were elected sophomore senators.

Senator for the College of Administration and Business is Leslie Kiletico, a sophomore marketing major. The College of Applied and Natural Science senators are Ashley Mullins, a sophomore biology major, Matthew Babcock, a sophomore business major, and Ashley Cole, a freshman biology major.

Senators for the College of Education are Beth Hebert, a sophomore elementary education major, Christy Cosby, a freshmen kinesiology major, and Kelsey Atkins, a sophomore psychology major.

The College of Engineering and Science's newly elected senators are Amanda Marshall, a sophomore civil engineering major, Jules Saunee, a junior civil engineering major, and Stephen Feazell, a junior mechanical engineering major.

The College of Liberal Arts has elected Ann Gassen, a senior graphic design major, Christopher Kilpatrick, a sophomore graphic design and business management major, Shannon Dowling, a sophomore political science major, and Alexander de la Rua, a freshman architecture major.

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