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Students encouraged to vote for fee increase

This item originally appeared in the April 22, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

Near the end of the month, students will be asked to vote on a student fee increase.

This fee increase has been proposed by the Student Government Association and if passed will improve student life through 10 organizations.

A price increase may sound like something many do not want to hear, but the truth is the budget for these organizations has not been changed in nearly 30 years.

The proposed increase per student each quarter is $25. We believe the potential benefits of this increase far outweigh its cost.

Each year organizations on campus need more funding to keep their groups thriving because of inflation. This problem will only worsen unless it is addressed now.

Any remedy for this problem is going to cost money. We feel this proposal will help address this obstacle effectively. Not to mention, fees at Tech and colleges throughout the Southeast have continually stayed below an average national budget.

The Student Self-Assessed Fee proposes funding for the Union Board, the Student Government Association, KLPI, club sports, drama, speech/debate, organizational development, spirit groups, athletics and The Tech Talk.

In order to maintain a great university, we think this proposal should be passed to improve the level of service offered to students.

Athletics takes 40 percent of the proposed fee. This is by far the biggest chunk of money allocated to one group.

The athletic department is asking for a $10 increase per quarter.

The money will help fund new fields for intramural sports and eventually replace the grass in Joe Aillet Stadium with Astroturf.

More than 15 percent of the proposed fee will go to Union Board to bring more events and concerts to campus.

Organizational development will take another large part of the fee. If organizations are in need of money for a service project, this will give them an option. This money will be put away for this purpose, but a panel of students will vote on whether the organization will receive the money.

The proposed fee may seem expensive; however, it is imperative to understand the fee will assist in keeping Tech a competitive and respected university.

Each year students walk by without taking part in SGA elections. We find it very important that students stop to vote.

The fee increase, if approved, will have a huge impact on several programs students rely on.

Not voting relies on other people to make decisions for you.

Voting will take place with SGA elections April 28 through 29.

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