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By SARA BERGQUIST sbe007@latech



Caleb Smith, a senior marketing major, appealed the Supreme Court’s decision for disqualification of Student Government Association president, and no final decision has been made as of press time.

The SGA Supreme Court will have a closed meeting May 2.

Smith submitted the written appeal to the Student Organization Board April 18.

“The SGA has made its decision,” Lindsay Mencacci, SGA president and a senior biology major, said.

“[Smith] is saying some things were done wrong so he appealed the final decision.”

The Student Organization Board met Tuesday at 10 a.m. in a closed meeting to discuss both sides of the election.

“We did everything by the books,” Mencacci said. “So as far as we are concerned there is a president.”

According to the Student Handbook, Mencacci said Matt Babcock, SGA president elect and a junior agriculture business major, will not be ineligible for presidency next school year.

Smith said the SGA Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Election Committee’s decision and disqualify him from the presidency was a “penalty more stern than the actual wrong doing.”

“The combined small infractions of the Election Code are sufficient to merit the forfeiture of the $30 deposit,” Smith said.

“None of the infractions, individually or in combination, are egregious enough to disqualify any candidate from the election, nor do they rise to the level to negate the student vote.”

Smith also said he thinks his disqualification resulted from minor violations.

Smith said the two fliers placed on an A-frame outside of Tolliver Hall were mysteriously placed there. Smith also said neither he nor his election committee saw the fliers.

Smith also said he does not take responsibility for the 30 fliers placed on car windshields in the Woodard Hall parking lot during his campaign.

“These fliers were placed without my instruction, approval or knowledge,” Smith said.

Smith also said wearing his campaign T-shirt around the SGA polling area was similar to the pin that his opponent, Matt Babcock, was wearing.

Smith also wrote the appeal, asking the Student Organization Board to overturn the SGA’s and Supreme Court’s decision for disqualification.

“I am willing to accept the consequences for my action and the actions of my campaign team,” Smith said.

“But I feel that while the forfeiture of my $30 deposit is a reasonable consequence; disqualification is too harsh a punishment.”

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