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This item originally appeared in the April 28, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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Wearing a guitar and armed with humor, Johnny Walker sang jokes from all genres for giggling Tech students.

The Union Board presented Los Angeles comedian Johnny Walker April 19 in the Student Center, Main Floor.

"Walker is great because he is a different kind of comedian, making fun of different events with song," Ian Richards, the special event committee head for the Union Board and a senior marketing major, said.

Walker's first comedic song was to the tune of Eminem's "Lose Yourself," followed by some Nelly, but changing the lyrics of "Number One" to his own life without any money.

Being poor was reflected in his next song, which was an ode to Natural Light beer, with lyrics like, "…if Bud's the king then Naty Light is the moat around his castle…"

If students thought they heard that song somewhere before, they probably have. Walker is a regular on Comedy Central and at the Hollywood Improv comedy club, so cable watchers might be familiar with him.

Walker has not always lived in California; he grew up in Connecticut and wrote the next song he played that night about Connecticut's state animal, the sperm whale.

"This guy has complete original humor," Matt Magnuson, the Union Board vice president and a senior biomedical engineering major, said. "He's totally awesome on his guitar."

With that guitar, Walker not only wrote songs about getting drunk and the screeching of whales, he has also landed jobs from All Comedy Radio, National Public Radio and XM Satellite radio. For radio, he writes songs about stories that are in the news, like Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart. He sang both songs for Tech students, complete with Elvis' "Jail House Rock" as the Stewart-song tune.

"The students at Tech are so great because they all have a great sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at my jokes," Walker said.

The students, who Walker quoted as "nice people," continued to cackle as he cracked jokes about his next topic, fraternity memories.

In this song, Walker reminisced about his college life, at least the part he could remember.

"I like Johnny a lot, he doesn't offend anybody in his jokes, and if he does he tells a good joke to make them happy," Richards said.

The Tech audience told Walker they were having a great time and snickered at the skit about Louisiana Walker made up while driving to Tech.

In his Louisiana song, he said it was "better than Afghanistan," and called the state a "diamond in the rough" because it bordered Arkansas and Mississippi.

States aside, steroids were his next random topic of parody singing.

After steroids was sex; after sex, came a song about disease.

Disease dwindled into audience participation where he played the same three chords over and over.

From "Grease" songs to Usher to Elvis, Walker took Tech on a laughing trip.

This college campus is only one of Walker's many stops on his claim to comedic fame.

Fans can also see him on E!'s "Party at the Palms" and the Oxygen network's "Boys Behaving Badly," a hidden camera show where Walker will be the star.

Walker said, "It was great performing at Tech. The campus is beautiful and the sense of hospitality was wonderful -- great crowd."

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