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This item originally appeared in the April 28, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. united to put on a week of events for students last week. This is the first time since 2002 that both of these organizations have worked together.

The theme for the week was "Reuniting Da Blu Unity," DeQuinton Harrison, the chairperson for the week's events, a member of Phi Beta Sigma and a senior elementary education major, said.

"This is the first year the Zetas have been back on campus, and we wanted to let people know that we are back as a whole," Harrison said. "By being reunited we bring back a strong unit for the student body to see."

The week began April 17 with "Come worship with the Blu Family." Members of both organizations attended Mt. Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, located at 210 Mt. Harmony Church Rd.

Open Mic/Poetry Night was held Monday, April 18, in the lounge of Harper Residence Hall, for students and members of both organizations to speak and share their talents.

Tuesday, April 19 was set aside as Movie Night in the Harper lounge.

Harrison considered the event to be beneficial to the university, in that it allowed students to learn about both organizations.

"We tried to invite students out to interact with our organization and to see what we are about, not just on a Greek level, but on a common student level as well," Harrison said.

Wednesday, April 20 was the highlight of the week in the minds of both organizations. "Cross N 2 Da Blu' Party" was held at the Ruston Civic Center, located at 410 N. Trenton St.

This party was open for all students to attend; six new members were added on as Phi Beta Sigmas.

Jimmy Washington, the faculty adviser for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. and an admissions counselor, said he thought the week was good for both organizations to grow as a unit.

"It's good they can work together as a big organization, because that is what it is all about," Washington said. "The week gave them the opportunity to let students know the different things that both organizations have to offer."

Last Thursday the organizations put on a "Blu Side Walk Show" for students. This show was held on the staging area in front of the Multicultural Affairs Office, located in Tolliver Hall.

All fraternities and sororities were given the opportunity to strut and do steps for students to watch.

The community service project both organizations participated in was held last Friday at the Methodist Children's Home, located at 901 S. Vienna.

Arthur Jenkins, a member of the planning committee for the week, a Phi Beta Sigma and a junior business major, enjoyed the community service project for the Methodist Children's Home.

"The community service project allowed us to interact with younger children by performing a step routine and talking to them about what it takes to join either Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity or Zeta Phi Beta Sorority," Jenkins said.

Saturday ended the week's events with a "Road Cleanup." Their designated clean-up road was Arizona Avenue, and after the clean-up the Zetas and Sigmas had a barbecue for members only.

Harrison summed up the week as a success, and helpful to both the students and organization members.

"We have had a successful week, as a whole unit, it has bonded us as a blue and white family," Harrison said.

"Our main goal was to get our name out and let students know that we are doing something positive for the university and community."

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