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Thanks to the SGA for taking initiative

This item originally appeared in the April 29, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

The Tech Talk commends the Student Government Association on its vote to add an automatic door to Tolliver Hall and help handicapped students gain easy access to the campus hub.

The SGA has dipped into its Special Projects Fund in the sum of $2,600 for its hopes of quickly nabbing a renovation contract. At this point, the SGA and the administration are waiting on responses to the bid requests that they have made. Hopefully, things will proceed in a timely fashion.

The location of the new automatic handicap access door will be on the side of Tolliver Hall that faces Centennial Plaza. The ramp that leads up to that access has been in place since Tolliver's construction.

In a blunder of planning and execution, basically an oversight that shouldn't have been, the building was constructed devoid of an automatic door.

Damien Delrie, president of the Association for Students with Disabilities and a sophomore computer information systems major, said he was impressed by the support handicapped students have been shown since the issue was brought to the attention of the administration.

Senior journalism major Laura Jones, vice president of the ASD, wrote a Letter to the Editor to The Tech Talk in the first issue after the opening of Tolliver criticizing the lack of an automatic door as insensitive.

She said she could still open the door, but it wasn't easy.

We would like to thank Jennifer Porter and the SGA for taking immediate action on this issue of concern.

This campus is steadily growing, as consecutive enrollment increases have proved.

As Tech grows, with new buildings and new additions to academics, sports and special interests, so does the population of handicapped students.

With more of a need, more action should be taken to accommodate that need, and the SGA and administration have moved in the right direction to correct the issue.

Barry Morales, director of student development, Union Board and KLPI, is unaware why Tolliver was built sans automatic door and said he hopes one is installed by the end of the year.

"A handicap access door wasn't part of the bid when renovations were done," Morales said. "Now that we are in this facility, an obvious need has arisen whereby an access door has become a necessity."

Jones said that the SGA's effort and response to the issue are comforting, and she is glad that they heard her concerns.

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