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This item originally appeared in the April 29, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.


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The Office of Admissions held a conference for incoming freshmen honors students Friday to familiarize them with the curriculum and activities offered by the university.

Vince Miller, director of special programs, said those considered to be honors students had an American College Test score of 30 and above.

He also added the event welcomed these students and allowed them the opportunity for an early start on enrollment.

"[The conference was] for high school students accepted into our honors program," Miller said. "They see our program and campus and get advice for the fall quarter."

Miller said the conference focused on understanding the needs of these students and helping them develop relationships with the other honors scholars.

"Those high academic ability students are mostly different in their needs, which are geared toward a more disciplined academic program," Miller said. "We are trying to provide them with these needs and also help build a connection with other students in their honors classes."

Dr. Donald Kaczvinsky, director of the honors program and an associate professor of English, agreed with Miller and added that the event helped to bring the elite to the university.

"These students have excelled in their high school careers and scores for high school testing," Kaczvinsky said. "This event helps out in recruiting and retaining them in Tech."

Sarah Jeffords, a senior at West Monroe High School, attended the event and said she was pleased with the information and outcome of it. She said it provided her with a good overview of the university.

"I thought it was a good experience, and I got a lot of information out of it," Jeffords said. "I was able to figure out what I wanted to know. It was also very organized, and [the people] were very [interesting] to be around."

Miller said the early enrollment, which is already being practiced by the upper level honors students, gives equal opportunity to the incoming students by allowing them to register early with the honors program.

Many incoming freshmen are forced to register in the summer and the first few days of the fall quarter. He said early enrollment allows students the time to pursue other projects for the summer period.

"One of the benefits of [being in this class] is that you get to register earlier," Miller said. "We are trying to extend this [exercise] to the incoming freshmen so they can get into the curriculum earlier than others who would be during the summer orientation."

Miller said 45 students and 50 parents attended the conference.

Jeffords said she is committed to Tech and anticipates becoming part of the tradition of the university.

"I expect to have to work hard," Jeffords said. "I also expect to have fun and be in the spirit of Tech."

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