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Student fee article not fair, balanced

This item originally appeared in the April 29, 2004 issue of The Tech Talk.

To the Editor:

The article by Tilisha T. Alexander on a fee increase was obviously one-sided.╩

There was not one single person quoted about╩opposing the╩increase.

It seems like the Student Government Association president is trying to tie in the fee increase with joining╩Conference USA. There is no agreement with either the university or the conference for this, yet you publish this misleading quote.

There are many students who oppose this, and I think that The Tech Talk was either too lazy to get an opinion or just ignored the other side because the increase involves adding more funds to the paper.

Why is it that your writers seem to have a hard time with balanced news writing? Are they planning to work for Fox News or something?

I can only hope things change from here and that more is covered on the opposition to the fee increase before elections.

Eric Snyder



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