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U-Park fee a problem

This item originally appeared in the April 7, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.

University Park is buzzing about a $450 per person fee to hold the apartment over the summer for the fall quarter. Residents have the option of paying that or living there, paying the full rent for the summer. Their original $100 deposit will not guarantee a room for fall quarter.

This was not on the lease. Many assumed the apartments would be run like an on-campus residence hall. Alcohol is not allowed in the units and meal plans and Tech Express are required to be purchased each quarter (ironically, the washer and driers in the U-Park laundry facilities do not accept Tech Express).

U-Park is a set of highly-prized student living facilities on campus for those who can afford it.

"We can't leave it vacant if the demand is there," Dean of Student Life and Auxiliary Services Dickie Crawford said. "We have to operate like a business. University Park cost $21,840,000. It is a misconception [among students] that the university can work at a loss."

If U-Park fills up for the summer and those residents wish to remain there for the fall, the original tenants will have to either find another place to live off-campus, or go back to the residence halls.

When University officials and Housing announced the plans for University Park, students relished in the fact there was an opportunity to get out of life in the residence halls.

Plans were ambitious: balconies on every unit, washer and dryer connections in some units and a convenient and affordable alternative to living off-campus.

The balconies were nixed before construction began, so were the washer and dryer connections. But, the convenient and affordable alternative to living off-campus ($1,200 a quarter per person, plus $200 declining dollars and $200 Tech Express) was accepted.

Charter occupants have endured ongoing construction, muddy areas without grass and a lack of parking lot security lights and parking spaces since moving into the units.

These were the people who signed up first for the on-campus apartments.

Without them, would University Park exist?

The university needs to pay for the apartments and their upkeep, but understand how residents may feel upset. This summer fee ordeal is a pickle for many of the U-Park residents, considering many were unaware of the fee, which was assessed after the first residents moved in.

Crawford said the fee could go down next summer, but that all depends on the results of this summer.

Although Crawford did not indicate this as a possibility, the charter U-Park residents are hoping the administration will reconsider this $450 summer fee.

Former editors tout The Tech Talk changes

This item originally appeared in the April 7, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.

Dear Editor:

They say it takes a big person to acknowledge the accomplishments of their successor. Well, we have two people to acknowledge the changes of The Tech Talk.

Eye-catching. Lively. A re-birth, just to name a few.

In the real world, all too often, good ideas are pushed to the backburner and creativity is laughed at.

But not here at Tech.

Much credit must be given to The Tech Talk adviser and our journalism department for allowing this paper to be what it's always boasted -- "The student voice of Louisiana Tech."

All of the editors have had the freedom to pretty much do what they chose with content, layout, etc.

Thank you, Nick and the entire staff this quarter, for a new look at our student publication. They say change is inevitable, and they were right!


Amber Miles

Fall 2004 Tech Talk editor


Jennifer Reynolds

Winter 2004 Tech Talk editor

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