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This item originally appeared in the April 7, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.


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The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is back on campus.

The Intrafraternity Council unanimously voted to reinstate the group later this year.

The Pikes lost their recognition and were essentially kicked off campus following a hazing incident involving pledges tied up and put into a car.

Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, the dean of Student Development, said this is a stiff penalty and not something the IFC likes to make use of by any means.

"As a university we have a very strict no-hazing policy," Anderson said.

"[Taking an organization's recognition] is not something we do lightly.

"We want organizations to succeed.

"Our role is to help them grow and develop. If we can help without losing that relationship, we try to do that."

The Pikes were not physically uprooted but barred from campus participation.

The fraternity lost privileges such as formal recruitment and functions involving the other Greeks and the ability to use university facilities for any events.

The Pikes had to wait two years before they were allowed to apply for reinstatement.

In their proposal, the Pikes needed to show the council an understanding of the punishment and significant changes made by the fraternity to prevent the incident from ever repeating itself, Anderson said.

"It's great that they're giving them another chance," Michael Pennison, the vice president of Phi Mu Alpha and a senior environmental science major, said.

"Things run more efficiently [without hazing].

"You can't expect people to want to work for and in the fraternity if people are going to put [the pledges] through that."

Anderson said that prior to the incident, the Pikes were an active participant in the IFC and had close relationships with the other organizations.

"Those relationships have changed in the last few years with the only involvement between the Pikes and other Greeks being through friends the Pikes may have with members of other fraternities and sororities," Anderson said.

David Scalf, the president of Pi Kappa Alpha and a senior architecture major, said he is pleased with the fraternity being reinstated with a fresh start.

"I wasn't in the leadership position, so I don't know what went on behind the lines," Scalf said. "We've changed a lot toward making our frat better."

Attendance to an anti-hazing seminar is one of the conditions the fraternity has to meet for reinstatement.

Scalf will meet with Anderson in the next week to further discuss the seminar and restrictions the fraternity will be under following reinstatement.

"We're not doing anything," Scalf said of any possible reinstatement celebration.

"The next thing is fall rush and a new beginning for the organization."

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