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Ex-SGA member, former candidate for president has a 'reality check'

This item originally appeared in the April 7, 2005 issue of The Tech Talk.

Dear Editor:

It's that time of year again. Everywhere you go around campus, you see signs telling you who is running for positions for the Student Government Association (SGA) this year.

I've done it too. Many of you may remember me. I ran for SGA President. I learned a lot in those three weeks of campaigning. I also made an observation about our very own SGA. A majority of the student body doesn't care about who gets elected. In last year's election, there were about 1,800 students who voted. That was a great turnout compared to years past. So what is the problem? Why do people not care about the SGA?

The answer is simple. The majority of the student body at Louisiana Tech does not benefit from anything that the SGA does.

I'll say it again. The MAJORITY of the student body at Louisiana Tech does not benefit from anything that the SGA does.

I didn't say everyone, because some people (very few) see some type of benefit from the SGA. I'm not saying that the SGA doesn't do anything, because they do. I was part of it for three years.

The problem is that the SGA doesn't do anything that truly benefits the student body. They do things like the Big Event, Homecoming, and Paint the Town, but do students see any benefit out of that? They sometimes give money to student organizations that ask for funding. They also have raised student fees $45 a quarter in the past two years.

The SGA also has spent the past two years revising the by-laws and constitution so now only about 10 out of 12,000 students are eligible to run for SGA president, vice-president, secretary, and/or treasurer.

I almost forgot, they upkeep the pencil sharpeners around campus, put random benches around the quad, and provide you with ten cent scantrons.

OK, you get my point. What benefit have you seen from the SGA? This isn't my original idea, but what about starting a book swap program so students can exchange books for half the price of the bookstore? Who wants to pay $100 for a book when you can get it for $50? The SGA squirmed out of this one because it may hurt the Tech Bookstore. What a shame that would be. So let's continue to hurt us students so the bookstore can strive.

What about my idea last year to have a bus that would transport people who have been drinking from the local bars back to the campus?

This might actually save lives. Sounds like that may benefit the students a little. But oh no, I was told that this will promote drinking. Will someone please tell me how having a designated bus to drive people around (people that would normally drive themselves) promotes drinking?

My point here is for the new candidates who get elected to grab the bull by the horns and actually do something constructive. This is not a personal attack on anyone.

In fact, I have personal friends who are very much involved in the SGA, just like I used to be. This is just a reality check for the student body. SGA is not a community service organization, nor is it here to please everyone.

It is here to better the lives of the student body at Louisiana Tech University, something that many of us have yet to see.

Daniel M. Seuzeneau

Senior marketing major

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