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Graffiti streaked the walls of the Student Center, Main Floor, last Wednesday night. The glow-in-the-dark graffiti, huge plasma televisions and lots of strobe lights were all part of Tech, thanks to the Union Board’s Spring Bash, the illuminated dance party. “It’s awesome to have something like [Spring Bash] at Tech because you can’t get better than a free night of dancing, ice cream, soda, friends and lots of really cool glow stuff,” Rachel Baker, a Union Board member and a sophomore family and child studies major, said. Inside the dance party, a disc jockey took requests amidst the glowing atmosphere and strobe lights. He was taking requests and the accompanying music video played on one of the two 60 X 20 inch screens. The DJ was directly in front of the dance floors where students were “shaking like salt shakers.” If the students wanted to cool off from the dancing heat, there were free beverages and banana splits on ice for anyone interested. If dancing was not in the students’ plans for the evening, they could socialize at one of the many packed tables with their refreshments, or decorate themselves in free glow necklaces and bracelets. “It took a lot of work to put on Spring Bash,” Caroline Smoak, a Union Board member and a sophomore elementary education major, said. “But it all works out seeing people come in steadily.” Paul King, a Union Board member and a junior mechanical engineering major, said he agrees with Smoak about the large turnout and hard work. “Spring Bash was a huge success thanks to everyone that contributed,” King said. “All the work was spread out evenly so everything ran smoothly. It was a huge success.” Smoak was one of a few Union Board members selling the Spring Bash T-shirts for $5 each. Also wearing the T-shirt was the man behind Spring Bash, Ian Richards, the special events committee head for the Union Board and a senior marketing major. “This is all Ian’s creation,” Amy Askegren, Union Board secretary and a senior biology major, said. “Ian really appreciates Tech, you can tell by all the hard work he puts into these events.” Askegren said Richards and the other people involved with Spring Bash worked over a month preparing for the event. “This is twice as large as last year’s bash because of all the publicity on campus and time it took to put it together,” Askegren said. Apparently, Tech campus got the memo because they were partying in the Student Center along with Nelly, Destiny’s Child and the Ying-Yang Twins. Smoak said, “Seeing people have a good time is what Spring Bash is all about.”

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