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Posters lined the hall last Friday in Bogard Hall for the first biomedical engineering research day. “[Research Day] marks the end of a productive year for Tech,” Dr. Mike McShane, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, said. “[This year] demonstrates the great growth and potential for the future of research at our institution.” McShane said the research poster session is a great way for students to showcase their work and interesting findings. “While the details will change, this first event should lay the foundation for an annual meeting that continues to grow in participation and should influence for many years to come,” McShane said. McShane said the student presenting will showcase his or her research on posters to other students, faculty and other guests. Among the students standing next to their posters was Jerome Saltarrelli, a graduate student of biomedical engineering. “[Research Day] promotes what research is being done that pertains to biomedical engineering,” Saltarrelli said. “This event showcases what research opportunities are available and the diversity that is in this field to entice people interested in this program.” Saltarrelli said people could walk around, view the posters and ask questions about the students’ research. “My research was an interesting project to work on,” Saltarrelli said. “I am the only student working on a [new synthetic bone graft from crawfish shells, testing and characterization.]” Saltarrelli said he worked on his research at Tech and Louisiana State University-Shreveport. “With my research I hope to move forward to human testing not a part of a long chain of events,” Saltarrelli said. “[Research day] is a fabulous opportunity to prime graduate and undergraduate students to learn what research and technology is coming out of Tech.” Erich Stein, a graduate student of biomedical engineering, said he was excited to view the research. “Biomedical engineering is not just one type of engineering,” Stein said. “Engineering students have to use knowledge in all the areas of engineering to solve problems.” Stein said research day is a good idea for all students to participate in. “[Research Day] shows how diverse the engineering field is,” Stein said. “Engineering such as chemical and electrical work together to advance the field and share interesting results.”

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