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Student reminisces over her four-year Tech Talk photo career, friendships

Dear Editor,

13 quarters, nearly 100 papers, multiple editors and, of course, thousands of pictures laterÖ Four years have passed, and my college career is finally coming to an end. I never realized just how many things that career would entail, though, and how much Iíd actually be leaving behind in the end. The Tech Talk is one of those things, and Iíll miss it dearly. I donít know how Iíll ever thank the ones who made my time with the paper so great. Hopefully, this is a start. Adam Terry, thanks for helping out a friend from H-burg. You just annoyed me when we were little kids. I never knew youíd be one of the reasons I am where I am today. Thanks for taking a chance on a freshman photog. Christian Moises, thanks for your faith and confidence in me and my work. You put me on features. You got my title. Oh, and there was that raise thing. Kate Schmidt, thanks for firing me. Itís okay. You brought me back. Shawn Chollette, thanks for the bone. I really appreciated it. Josh Milton, youíre a great traveling partner. Mr. Hilburn, thanks for the opportunities youíve given me to travel for The Tech Talk. I never thought Iíd end up in Hawaii. Thanks for all your kind words, support and confidence in my work and me. Rita, thanks for all the encouragement over the years. Thanks for the shoulder to cry on, the couch to take naps on and the candy to get me through it all. Ms. Flo, Dr. Blick, Heather Harper, Emily Scalfano, Cassandra Brown, Jenni Roberson, Heidi Hausmann, Nicole Broussard, Michelle Hudgens, Jennifer Watson, Amber Miles and Jennifer Reynolds: thank you all. Stacy, Judith, Anna, Josh, Nicole, Dr. Owens and Mrs. Hollis, SEJC at Troy was the best. ďBarbara AnnĒ by Reggie and the Tech-etteís will always be my favorite. Nick, thanks for being a great editor my last go-around. Julie, Rindy, Jordan, Sharon: thanks for keeping Nick in line. For all those I havenít written here, I havenít forgotten you. I just ran out of room. Lastly, Tech, thank you so much for letting me follow you around with a camera for the past four years. Iíve enjoyed just about every minute of it. Thanks for your name, classification and major. Thanks most of all for letting me steal a part of you. While I have to leave The Tech Talk behind, Iím taking so much more with me. Thank you. Melissa Humble Senior Photography Major

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