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By Valerie Metrejean vmm008@latech

By Valerie Metrejean


Students, faculty, staff and HGTV enthusiasts filled Tolliver Hall Sept. 15 at 6:30 p.m. to hear Alice Fakier, a “Design Star” finalist, tell of her experiences on the design reality show.

Fakier’s visit to Tech’s campus was also a homecoming. As a 2002 Tech graduate of architecture, Fakier enjoyed returning to her alma mater to share the behind the scenes of “Design Star.”

After receiving 1700 applications, HGTV picked her to be among the 10 final contestants, Fakier said.

“I figured they would get hundreds of applications so I didn’t expect to be chosen,” Fakier said. But Fakier did get chosen and was even one of the final two contestants.

After watching the program as it was shown on television, Fakier said, “I wish viewers could have seen more of the elimination process.” 

The process actually lasted eight hours instead of the ten minutes the viewers saw.

With many offers coming in from TV appearances to publishing opportunities, Fakier said she is trying to sift through her options.

When asked how her “Design Star” experience benefited from her time at Tech, she said, “I took a lot of classes that encouraged creative thinking.

“My worst nightmare was doing badly on a challenge and having the judges ask, ‘You got a degree where?” Whatever her fears, Tech’s family is in agreement that Fakier represented the school very well.

Guy Carwile, an associate professor of architecture, taught Fakier as a Tech student and was very proud of her success thus far.

“I knew by the way she handled herself that she would be successful, but I couldn’t have predicted this,” Carwile said.

He also said she was an excellent student. “Her personality and effervescent was exactly like what you saw on TV.”

Linda Martin, Fakier’s mother and a former associate professor of speech communications at Tech, said she was also proud of the character Fakier showed throughout the show.

“She was thrown into a group situation and conducted herself like a lady,” Martin said.

She attributed some of her daughter’s success on the show to the commitment and availability the architecture professors had given to Fakier as student.

Dedication from Fakier’s professors continued even after she received her diploma.

“Her Tech professors got in touch with her to offer encouragement,” said Martin.

Fakier and Martin could not say enough how thankful they were to Tech for all the encouragement and support. “Tech was one of my biggest supporters from the beginning. I really appreciate that.”

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