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This item originally appeared in the Fall-2004 Bulldog Survival Guide issue of The Tech Talk.


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Additional parking and zoning are the university's solution for past parking problems.

"The student body requested additional commuter parking, and the university has overwhelmingly responded with more close commuter parking spaces on the north, east and south sides of campus," Stephen Quinnelly, Tech chief of police, said.

Kimberly Ludwig, president of the Student Government Association and a senior business management and entrepreneurship major, said the original project for additional parking was initiated in the fall of 2002 but voted on in the spring of 2002 through a self assessed fee called 20 for 20 which is $20 for 20 quarters.

"The 20 for 20 program voted on by the students is paying off, and we are satisfied with the administrations' response to the students for additional parking," Ludwig said.

Jennifer Porter, last year's SGA president and a graduate student of organizational psychology, was in office at the time that most of the additional parking was added.

Porter said the amount of parking spaces has increased by around 850 spaces since the additions started.

The zoning for parking has changed for the fall quarter.

The University Park apartments are given their own zoning designation as zone A.

"The university is adding additional parking on Western and Mississippi Streets, which will provide parking for the new University Parks apartments," Quinnelly said.

Zone 1 parking is east dorm parking, zone 2 is for the commuters, and zone 3 is west dorm parking and stadium, Quinnelly said.

No matter what zone decal students have, all students are able to park in the gravel parking, Quinnelly said.

"The key for all of these zones is to first have a Tech decal and second is to park in the designated zone," Quinnelly said.

Tech parking decals are available at the traffic office on the corner of Hergot and Tech Drive for $24.

Parking violation tickets for the fall are $10 to $15 for no decal, illegal parking in blue zones, zone violations and parking in residence assistant parking, Debra Moore, a lieutenant for the Tech Police, said.

Tickets are $10 if paid within the first 48 hours and $15 if paid later.

Moore said fire lane parking is a $25 fine, and handicapped violations are $50 both with the option to tow.

Quinnelly said parking at Tech is great compared to other universities because Tech police enforces parking laws and the ticket numbers should go down with new parking.

"Parking violations have gone down since the addition of the new gravel areas," Moore said, "but not as much as you would think."

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