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Disgruntled Bulldog athletes fire back

This item originally appeared in the Fall-2004 Bulldog Survival Guide issue of The Tech Talk.

To the Editor:

We are writing in response to the cartoon in the May 6 edition of The Tech Talk.

We, as members of the baseball team, do not understand how our own university's newspaper can good heartedly publish such a cartoon depicting our struggles this season. We are aware of our record and are constantly reminded of it on the road. We do not need our own university to ridicule us as other schools do.

It bothers us that this newspaper continues to focus on the negatives that exist, without any mention of the long hours of practice and travel that we put in in order to represent our entire university with a sense of pride.

We are the same team that travels home from road trips and arrives at 3 a.m., only to be in class at 8 a.m. the same morning, in an attempt to maintain good academic standards.

Of course, there is no mention of this in your paper. We feel that this cartoon crossed the line of humor and became extremely offensive to the nearly forty baseball players that dedicate themselves to the university every day.

Quite simply, the cartoon was a spineless and cowardly act by all those involved. This is not a pity party or an excuse for our losing season; however, support from our university and student body is not only appreciated, but required to be successful.

After traveling all across the country playing baseball, the one thing that remains constant in our opponents' ball parks is student body support. However, this does not hold true here. We get very little support from our students, and the last thing we need is our university newspaper driving them further away.

Through all this, one thing is certain. This team will continue to work to build a respectable program. And even more certain, we will be successful with or without the newspaper's support.

We as a team can rest easy knowing that our record is not a reflection of our work ethic or character; conversely, your carton was a direct reflection of yours.

On behalf of the Louisiana Tech baseball team,

Jared Lamothe



Mims Boyce


Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Hall returns to lead experienced golf program

This item originally appeared in the Fall-2004 Bulldog Survival Guide issue of The Tech Talk.


Sports Writer

Dr. Jean Hall, who retired from Tech in 2002 after serving as Vice President for Student Affairs and Vice President for University Advancement, was named head golf coach July 7 by Tech Director of Athletics Jim Oakes.

Hall replaces now retired coach Tom Stinson after his 12-year tenure.

Tech finished tenth in the talented Western Athletic Conference Championships last season and returns four players from the 2004 spring team.

The Bulldogs will be able to use Squire Creek Country Club in Choudrant for practice and 2004 season events.

"We are trying to build a good program around the nice facilities we've been offered," Hall said of the new course.

"I can't thank the James Davison family enough for allowing us to use Squire Creek to better our program. The course was named the fifth best new golf course in the nation by Golf Digest, and we are very excited to be able to use it."

Hall also brings with him two assistants in Squire Creek club-pro Jeff Parks and Brad Pullin, assistant-pro for Squire Creek.

The golf team is returning four players in juniors Derek Busby, Chad Carter and Logan Riester, and sophomore Preston Smith.

Newcomers for the Bulldogs include Tyler Trichell from Natchitoches and Clint Gray from Bossier City.

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