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By KC IFEANYI kni002@latech



Eddie Murphy throws on a fat suit and plays multiple characters yet again in his latest comedy “Norbit.” Unlike “The Nutty Professor,” however, “Norbit” bombs with clichéd jokes, a talking dog, annoying characters and ridiculous plot twists.

“Norbit” tells the story of a meek, mild-mannered orphan named Norbit (Murphy). Abandoned by his parents when he was just a baby, Norbit is left in front of Mr. Wong’s Chinese restaurant/orphanage, The Golden Wanton.

While in the orphanage, Norbit meets the love of his life, a fellow orphan named Kate (Thandie Newton).

A happy montage follows showing Norbit and Kate doing everything together (even pooping together) before getting “married” under a tree with Ring Pops as rings.

Things take a turn for the worse for Norbit when Kate gets adopted leaving him all alone until the day foul-mouthed and bad-tempered Rasputia (Murphy) storms into his life.

Time elapses showing Norbit’s miserable life with Rasputia, leading up to their wedding day.

Living with Rasputia and working for her three equally menacing brothers at a construction company, Norbit feels trapped. That is, until Kate moves back in town to buy Mr. Wong’s orphanage.

Feeling as if he has a second chance at love, Norbit’s hopes are dashed when he finds out Kate is engaged to Deion Hughes (Cuba Gooding Jr.).

The rest of the movie focuses on Norbit exposing the truth about Hughes while trying to get Kate back, Rasputia dominating Norbit’s life as usual while having an affair with her tap dance instructor Buster (Marlon Wayans) and a ridiculous storyline involving the orphanage, Hughes and Rasputia’s brothers’ dream of opening Nippolopolous (don’t ask).

Before watching this movie, I knew it would not win an Oscar or Golden Globe but I was hoping for a few cheap laughs. I guess I hoped for too much.

“Norbit” definitely falls into the common trap of showing the funniest parts of a movie in the trailers.

The only scene worth watching is the one at the water park, but you don’t have to waste $5 to watch it like I did.

Just go to, search for Norbit and watch the trailer. All the best parts are there, believe me.

With Norbit’s whiny, lispy voice, Rasputia’s horn-honking bit and catchphrase “How you durrin’,” sprinkled throughout the movie, these re-occurring jokes, I hesitate using this word, begin to wear the nerves.

Mr. Wong (Murphy) and rib shack-owning pimps Lord Have Mercy (Kat Williams) and Pope Sweet Jesus (Eddie Griffin) were definitely the saving graces of the movie, with Wong’s humorous racist remarks and the pimps’ hilarious wedding scene.

For those who have already seen “Norbit,” I do weep for your money gone to waste, but for those who still have a chance of saving money and two hours of yours life, wait for the TV premiere or for a friend to rent it on DVD.

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