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For the past nine years, Tech TV has been supplying students with dorm room entertainment.

Tech TV is the baby of Sam Speed, director of housing and creator of what has grown into a full-function television station.

Tech TV started out as a few movies and sports highlights, and has evolved into an original line-up including Tech’s “CRIBS” and the personal news, better know as the “P-News.”

Tech TV took the idea for “CRIBS” from MTV’s “CRIBS,” but instead of featuring celebrities, the show focuses on students. Produced by Chase Guy, a senior biology major, “CRIBS” gives students a chance to show off their pimped-out dorm rooms and their stylin’ rides.

“A lot of our ideas come from other shows, we just try to put a different spin on things,” Guy said. “A few years back we did a spin off of “Austin City Limits” called “Ruston City Limits” that featured local bands.”

Typically caught with a camera in hand, Kellen McKinnley, sophomore photography major, heads up “P-News” for Tech TV.

Once a week crew members film students around campus and try to find out what’s going on behind the scenes with them. It is a chance to get on TV and let’s face it who doesn’t want to be on the big screen for the entire campus to see?

It is really amazing the total time and effort the Tech TV crew puts into production for just one show.

“For one show to be produced it takes about 18-20 hours total,” Guy said. The first hour and a half is dedicated to shooting the footage and the rest of the 18 and a half hours are dedicated to editing and compiling the footage for air time.

For all you hardcore gamers, as in video gamers, Tech TV has a show for you too. “No Animals Were Harmed,” is a video game review show featuring commentary from Guy and McKinnley. The boys give their honest, and sometimes very brutal opinion about video games.

For those of you out there that want a solid review before spending your hard earned cash on a game, “No Animals Were Harmed” is your play station.

This “oddly addicting” station not only brings newly released movies and TV originals to campus, but they also bring dedication.

Most of the current staff started out on a volunteer basis and worked their way up the ladder taking production positions.

All Tech TV employees are full-time students at Tech and still somehow manage to dedicate on average 20 hours of work to producing a single show for their viewers.

Tech TV is not just about movies, they are also about “expanding the world of original programming.” If you can’t catch the regular showtimes, Tech TV now offers their full services to you through podcasts on iTunes. You can access the iTunes catalog through Tech TV’s Web site at

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