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By KRISTIN HODGES kdh027@latech



Financial aid cannot buy love, as students vent their cash flow woes to student workers who try to help with loans and scholarships.

Amanda Marshall, a student worker in the financial aid office and a senior civil engineering major, has worked in the office for two years and has helped many students.

“[Students] come here upset, before they talk to us,” Marshall said.

Marshall said some students who come in do not even know what they need from financial aid.

“A lot of students come in here and say, ‘I have problems with financial aid; can you help me?’” Marshall said. “Sometimes their parents tell them to come here.”

Marshall, one of the 19 current student workers for financial aid, said students should try to know what forms or documents they need before coming into the office.

Angela Lewis, a student worker in financial aid and a freshman biology major, said she wished students would not blame the student workers for their own financial aid problems.

“It is not our fault that you did not get your loans before the quarter started,” Lewis said. “So please do not yell.”

Lewis said she enjoys helping students better understand the financial aid process, but dislikes when students get angry or upset.

Cathy Williams, an administrative coordinator for financial aid, said dealing with the heavy flow of students coming into the office can be a challenge to the student workers.

Williams also said the financial aid student workers are crucial when it comes to helping out with students at the front of the office.

“They give out helpful information up front; they can take documents and give them to the right person, so they are very essential,” Williams said.

By helping the students in the front, Williams said the student workers help the financial aid staff with their jobs as well.

“Because a lot of students have basic questions, [student workers] can answer the basic questions and that way it frees up the staff to help with other people,” Williams said.

She also said the student workers are also indispensable because they help with the telephone calls.

“We only have a certain number of telephone lines, so we use them to keep the telephones from being busy or ringing,” Williams said.

She said the student workers are necessary to keep the financial aid office running and she is grateful for the work they do.

“They are really helpful. We need them, we appreciate them,” Williams said.

Marshall said she thinks part of the student body is thankful for the work that the student workers do in the financial aid office.

Marshall said, “I guess with any job, some do, some don’t.”

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