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SGA Proposal
Proposed Academic Policies

The following policies are suggestions and are to be considered independent of each other:

  1. All final exams should be given on their assigned days as stated in the syllabus at the beginning of the quarter, unless the professor and students mutually agree to hold the exam on another day.
  2. A student is not required to take more than 2 finals on one day.
  3. Any papers, projects, or speeches due must have been assigned in writing on the syllabus at the beginning of the quarter. Due dates for these assignments must also be stated on the syllabus and can only be altered if the professor and students mutually agree on another date.
  4. New material may not be taught the class period prior to the class period of the final, unless the final is not comprehensive or the exam will not test students on the new material. This item does not apply to classes that meet once weekly.
  5. Only one exam per subject (excluding routine quizzes) may be given during the last week of the quarter, unless one of the exams is optional. This means that a test and a comprehensive final cannot both be given the last week of the quarter.
  6. It is imperative that professors maintain their posted office hours during finals week and they are encouraged to keep extended hours to allow for questions concerning test material.
**For all of these policies, finals week is considered the last 5 class days of the quarter.

Definitions of Terms

Finals Week: the last 5 class days of the quarter

Mutually Agree: examples of this can be options offered by the professor and voted on by the students; the professor decides if the vote is to be unanimous or majority rule

Routine Quiz: a testing tool given regularly throughout the quarter that tests on less information and contributes significantly less to the student’s total grade than other exams given in the course


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