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F. Jay Taylor - Criteria
The F. Jay Taylor-Tech Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award is awarded annually to a full time faculty member whose primary duty is undergraduate teaching. Faculty are nominated by members of the University Senate. Each nominee submits a five-page packet of information for review by all University Senate members. The packet includes a list of undergraduate courses taught and their enrollment; the student retention rate in each of the listed courses; the latest summary student evaluations, a statement of his/her beliefs concerning the significance of undergraduate teaching within the overall mission of Louisiana Tech; a description of an important innovation he/she has made in undergraduate teaching; a list of his/her publications and papers that relate to teaching; and any other pertinent information. Following review by each Senator of all submitted materials, a vote of the University Senate determines the recipient of the award. The award consists of a plaque and a $1,500 stipend. The award is announced at the Spring Commencement.

  1. The nominated faculty member’s primary duty must be undergraduate teaching.
  2. The nominated faculty member must have a non-administrative position
  3. The nominated faculty member must be tenured or must have served on the faculty full-time for at least 6 years;
  4. The nominated faculty member must have at least a 9-month appointment; and
  5. The nominated faculty member must not have received the award previously


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