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University Senate Meeting Minutes


Volume 22                  April 22, 2013                   Number 8

1. Call to Order:  

The April 22, 2013 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Ropp Center, Room 105, by President Larry Jarrell.

2.  Roll Call:  Sandi Richardson

Senators absent from the meeting and without excuse or proxy:  Nazir Atassi, J Bennett, Kate Perot, and Jeff Yule.

3.  Adoption of Agenda:

A motion to accept the agenda was made by Jean Gourd and seconded by Rhonda Boyd; the agenda was approved without change.

4.  Adoption of Minutes:  March 2013

A motion to accept the March 2013 minutes was made by Selwyn Ellis and seconded by Rhonda Boyd; the minutes were approved without change.

5. Special Guest Speakers: (1.) Josh Chovanec, Financial Aid and (2.) Chief Randal Hermes, University Police

(1) Josh Chovanec, Sr., Associate Director Financial Aid Counseling Services spoke about the "Walk to Prevent Suicide" being held on May 11 at Aillet Stadium. This event is a fund raiser to help with educating the Louisiana Tech University community about the prevention, warning signs, and psychiatric illnesses that can lead to suicide. The University Senate are asked to spread the word.

(2) Randal HermesChief of Police, reported findings about the hang-tag vs sticker for parking permits at Louisiana Tech University

  • Many questions regarding the merits of the existing parking sticker system vs a proposed hang-tag parking system were discussed citing pros and cons of each.
  • Pros of the existing sticker system:
    • No budget strain for start-up expense
    • 3-Day rule for multiple vehicles
    • Allows tracking of who is on the campus for security reasons
    • Low risk of counterfeiting 
  • Cons of existing sticker system:
    • No on-line renewal
    • Difficult to obtain multiple stickers for alternate vehicles
  • Hang-tag system Pros:
    • May be switched from vehicle to vehicle
  • Cons of hang-tag system:
    • Start-up expense
    • Penalty if tag is not properly displayed (easy to forget in alternate vehicle)
    • Easy to counterfeit
    • More difficult to track who is on campus
  • 3-Day rule explained:
    • Rule only applies to those persons having a valid parking permit
    • Valid permit holder (VPH) may obtain "forgiveness" for a ticket when the 3-day rule is in force
    • Scenario #1: Three tickets over three consecutive days
      • VPH brings a vehicle without a parking sticker onto the campus and receives a parking ticket, this counts as day #1. Fill out the back of the ticket with name and comment "alternate vehicle," and the ticket will be forgiven and removed from record.
      • VPH brings non-sticker vehicle back on campus the next consecutive day and also receives a parking ticket, this counts as day #2. Again, fill out the back of the ticket with name and comment "alternate vehicle," and the ticket will be forgiven and removed from record.
      • VPH brings non-sticker vehicle back on campus the third consecutive day and again receives a parking violation, this counts as day #3 and subsequent violations will be at metered cost. Go to the ticket office and get a temporary permit at a cost of $2/2-weeks.
    • Scenario #2: One ticket then skip a day
      • VPH brings a vehicle without a parking sticker onto the campus and receives a parking ticket, this counts as day #1. Fill out the back of the ticket with name and comment "alternate vehicle," and the ticket will be forgiven and removed from record.
      • VPH brings non-sticker vehicle back on campus the next consecutive day and does NOT receive a parking ticket. The count resets to Day Zero and everything begins again.
      • This can continue indefinitely so long as the VPH does not receive tickets on three consecutive days. The key word is CONSECUTIVE.
  • Process for obtaining multiple permits is now in place. 
  • Purchasing parking decal renews online is currently being explored.
  • Melanie Peel at the traffic committee would be the next person to ratify changes to the current system.
  • Chief Hermes sits on the Threat Assessment Committee. On the 1st Tuesday of each month all police agencies meet to share information on critical changes or community events; these have been held since 2007 as a way to improve response time and inter-agency cooperation.

6. Old Business: 

  • Dr. O'Neal confirmed the establishment of a campus committee convened to resolve and restructure Work Life policy issues. A full report will come forward at the May meeting.

7. New Business

  • March budget report discussed: LaToya Pierce
    $7000 was withdrawn from the CD leaving a remaining balance of ~$23,000 on deposit with Community Trust Bank at a rate of .55%
  • It was agreed that a book in honor of both Dr.and Mrs. Reneau. A motion was made by Mike Swanbom to allocate as much as $500 for this purpose; the motion was seconded by Selwyn Ellis and carried by unanimous vote.
  • Reports from Committees:
    • Technology committee: Michael Swanbom, liaison
      • They are investigating the recommendation of having one clicker adopted for use across campus.
    • Benefits committee: J Bennett, liaison, Patrick O'Neal, Chairman
      • Tuition Exchange meeting will be held 4/29/13 with Dr. McConathy to see where to go next.
    • Policies and Procedures committee: Marilyn Robinson, liaison
      • Nothing to report
    • Campus Quality of Life committee: Julie Holmes, liaison
      • Forum was a success
  • F. J. Taylor voting.( Review packets here.) Winner will be announced at Spring commencement.
    • Tammy Schilling
    • Stan McCaa
    • Brad Cicciarelli
    • Dawn Ericksen (withdrawn)
    • Frank Hamrick
    • Joe Pullis (withdrawn)
  • APC meeting held last week; announced the new mascot will be purchased but it is unclear where he will live.

9. Voluntary Remarks:

  • It was proposed that electronic ballots be used for electing University Senate Officers with no opposition. A poll was also taken to approve the use of electronic balloting for the senate voting for the finalists for the University Senate Award and the Virgil Orr Junior Faculty award.
  • Retirement bills for the ORP system are being discussed in Baton Rouge at the current senate session. Please state your opinion about this hot topic to your representative/senator.

10. Adjournment:  A motion to adjourn was made by Jean Gourd and Marilyn Robinson; the meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m.

Sandi Richardson, Recording Secretary



Michael Swanbom
Engineering and Science

Vice President
Patrick O'Neal
Engineering and Science

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Professional & Workforce Development

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Liberal Arts

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College of Business

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Liberal Arts

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Applied and Natural Sciences

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Engineering and Science

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