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University Senate Meeting Minutes


Volume 22                  January 14, 2013                   Number 5

1. Call to Order:  

The January 14, 2013 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:00 p.m. in the Ropp Center, Room 105, by President Larry Jarrell.

2.  Roll Call:  Sandi Richardson

Senators absent from the meeting and without excuse or proxy:  J Bennett, Donny Crowe, Selwyn Ellis, Richard Kordal, William Lancaster, and Kate Perot.

3.  Adoption of Agenda:

A motion to accept the agenda was made by Tammy Schilling and seconded by Jim Cochran; the agenda was approved without change.

4.  Adoption of Minutes:  December 2012

A motion to accept the December 2012 minutes was made by Marilyn Robinson and seconded by Rita Franks; the minutes were approved without change.

5. Special Guest Speakers: President Daniel Reneau and President-Elect Les Guice

Dr. Reneau introduced incoming Louisiana Tech University president, Dr. Les Guice. Dr. Guice spoke of his vision for the future of the University: plan of growth, open-door policy for faculty and staff, and opportunities in this difficult budget climate.

6. Old Business: 

  • Traffic and Parking Committee: Larry Jarrell attended traffic appeal session.

7. New Business

  • December budget report discussed: LaToya Pierce
  • Reports from Committees:
    • Technology committee: Michael Swanbom, liaison
      • Nothing to report
    • Benefits committee: J Bennett, liaison, Patrick O'Neal, Chairman
      • Presented answer from Mr. Joe Thomas regarding the tax structure on mandated 289A classes. This problem should be satisfactorily resolved so earnings are no longer misstated because of employer mandated training. 
      • The Tuition Exchange program was again discussed. Dr. O'Neal to meet informally with Dr. Guice and report back in February.
      • Dr. O'Neal presented information regarding forming a campus Work-life Policies Committee. It was proposed that a resolution be presented to the APC committee with a recommendation to form a Work-life Policies Committee to address three issues: (1) tenure clock extensions, (2) transitional support, and (3) modified duties. There was a call to question motion made by Patrick O'Neal and seconded by Jeff Yule; the vote was unanimous. Senate president, Larry Jarrell, will calendar the item on the March APC meeting agenda.
    • Policies and Procedures committee: Marilyn Robinson, liaison
      • Asking for clarification about topic of "academic forgiveness." LSU recently instituted this policy; how does it relate to us?
    • Campus Quality of Life committee: Julie Holmes, liaison
      • Three of the four desired speakers for the spring forum have made the commitment to participate.

9. Voluntary Remarks:


10. Adjournment:  A motion to adjourn was made by Tammy Schilling and seconded by Jean Gourd; the meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Sandi Richardson, Recording Secretary


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