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University Senate Meeting Minutes


Volume 22                  October 15, 2012                   Number 2

1. Call to Order:  

The October 15, 2012 meeting of the University Senate was called to order at 4:03 p.m. in the Ropp Center, Room 105, by President Larry Jarrell.

2.  Roll Call:  Sandi Richardson

Senators absent from the meeting and without excuse or proxy:  Dentcho Genov, Jean Gourd, Kate Perot, and Sarah Vance.      

3.  Adoption of Agenda:

A motion to accept the agenda was made by J Bennett and seconded by Selwyn Ellis; the agenda was approved without change.

4.  Adoption of Minutes:  September 2012

A motion to accept the September 2012 minutes was made by J Bennett and seconded by Selwyn Ellis; the minutes were approved without change.

5. Announcements:

  • Suggested speakers for the 2012-13 University Senate year will be as follows:
    • November: Wayne Hoague (Shreveport/Bossier Iniative)
    • January: Dr. Reneau and the new Louisiana Tech University president
    • March: State & local representatives: Rob Shadoin, Jim Fannin, etc.
    • May: Dr. Reneau (farewell address)
  • President's report from ULS Faculty Advisory Council Meeting, Alexandria, LA
    • Meeting was basically a session to express general displeasure with Governor Jindal's administrative actions
  • President's report from Administrative and Planning Council
    • Main discussion was on the issue of a mascot -- should we get another live bulldog? The purchase of an animal has been donated, but the student government must make a decision regarding the advisability of another live animal. Apparently there has been much criticism regarding the tragic passing of the last mascot, so the matter of replacement has become a rather delicate issue.

6. Old Business: 

  • Campus Quality of Life committee (forum)-Julie Holmes
  • Overall proposed theme: State of Louisiana Tech and the City of Ruston Community
    • Suggestions from the floor were:
      • State of local education system following the desegregation ruling (speaker: Danny Bell)
      • Zoning issues (speaker: Chairman of Planning & Zoning Commission)
      • Campus planning (speaker: Jim King)
      • Future of Higher Education in Louisiana (speakers: state representatives from our contiguous parishes and Jim Fannin, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, in particular)
      • Progress in Ruston (Mayor  Dan Hollingsworth)
      • Begin @ 6:00 and try to keep to about two hours in length
      • Suggested date: April on a Thursday
      • Suggested venue: University Hall Auditorium
  • Other quality of life committee business
    • Bicycle Racks: Rhonda Boyd
    • Rhonda is to contact Joe Thomas and find out how to proceed with getting the bicycle racks installed that have already been purchased for quite some time
    • This is a serious issue with the student body; not having the racks available has resulted in students being forced to chain their bicycles to hand rails, which is a hazard.

7. New Business

  • The budget figures for September are linked here.
  • Reports from Committees
    • Policies and Procedures Committee: Marilyn Robinson
      • Request issued: Greater flexibility in using Travel & Purchasing 
        • State of Louisiana makes the travel and purchasing regulations
      • Request issued: How to properly report "child or spousal abuse" within the legal requirement of the ruling (HB614 & HB 380)
        • Susan Rasbury, current University compliance officer, has been contacted about this
      • Request issued: Distance learing compensation
        • Course load is determined by the college
        • pay rate is established by current university policy
      • Request issued: Question the 10-hour week office hour requirement
        • Committee to review Greg Schelonka's previous research on this topic before making report
    • Benefits Committee: J Bennett
      • First meeting with committee not yet scheduled
    • Technology Committee: Michael Swanbom
      • First meeting with committee not yet scheduled
  • Members of the senate request that suggestions for change issued to the committees reach farther than fact-finding. It was suggested that once the details about issues are discovered, we as a body bring the issue to vote in the form of a resolution for change with the expectation that action will prevent ideas from languishing.
  • A motion that a resolution be drafted to request parking stickers be replaced with hang-tags was made by Michael Swanbom and seconded by Selwyn Ellis. Heath Tims is the University Senate representative on the campus Traffic and Parking Committee; he was asked to make the initial request for this action at the upcoming committee meeting.

9. Voluntary Remarks:


10. Adjournment:  A motion to adjourn was made by Selwyn Ellis and seconded by J Bennett. The meeting adjourned at 4:52 p.m.

Sandi Richardson, Recording Secretary


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