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Strategic Memo


TO:  All Faculty and Staff  (Special Attention: Directors, Unit Heads, Department Heads)

FROM: Strategic Planning Committee, Tier 3 Subcommittee

RE:  Outreach Initiative Identification

DATE:  February 1, 2002 (Re-issued March 7, 2002)

*Poor response to the initial call for information has necessitated a second issue of this request.  If you have already responded, please disregard.  Our apologies for duplication

Through on-campus learning, through its off-campus presence, through outreach programs and continuing education, the University will continue to enhance the quality of life and the economic development of the region, state, and nation.

The statement above, reprinted from the Bulletin 2001-2002, reflects, in part, the mission of Louisiana Tech University.  In keeping with that mission, the Strategic Planning Committee has designed goals, objectives, and strategies to be implemented by 2006.  One of the strategies is to determine the breadth of programming currently offered at Louisiana Tech, including outreach programs as well as traditional academic courses, and the target audiences.

This committee asks that you coordinate with the members of your faculty and staff to identify all individual outreach initiatives as well as those sponsored by the department. In addition, we seek information about exemplary outreach programs at other universities.  For the purpose of this project, programs to be identified are any which are outside the traditional academic course work.  Some examples of outreach initiatives might be:

 • presentations made at high school college night or parent’s night programs
 • preparation sessions for GRE, GMAT, Praxis, FE, ACT
 • tutoring programs
 • involvement in judging regional science fairs
 • help sessions for senior citizens in tax preparation
 • distance learning and correspondence courses
 • continuing education

If you have questions about the scope of the submissions, you may contact Dr. Nancy Alexander, 257-4433, nancya@latech.edu.

Although this memo has been made available via email to all faculty and staff with email, unit heads should endeavor to survey to each faculty/staff member in your unit, and encourage them to complete the form by filling in the appropriate blanks and clicking on the submit button at the bottom.  If faculty or staff or the department are involved in multiple outreach programs or projects, then you may submit multiple forms.  Once you submit the first form, you will be directed to a web page confirming the submission of the first form.  You then have an opportunity to return to the on-line submission form to fill out additional forms.

If you have faculty or staff that would rather not use the web form, feel free to print the form and make copies to distribute to appropriate faculty or staff persons.  Paper copies of the survey are to be returned via campus mail to Col. Roger Vick, Director, Financial Aid, Box #34, by MARCH 25, 2002.

We suggest that you present the survey at your unit meeting to generate discussion and maximize potential for completion and return.

Click below to access the:

Strategic Planning Committee, Tier 3 Subcommittee
Outreach Initiative Identification Survey


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