Policy 5106 – Grants and Contracts Ledger

Effective Date: 6/20/2014

Responsible Office: Comptroller’s Office


  1. Grant Name
    Project Director
    College Name and Box Number
    Box 4700 (University Research)
  2. Fund Number represents type of funding agency -See Definition-Louisiana Tech Account Number , Section (4), Grouping 40_ _ _ (_) –  66_ _ _ (_)
  3. Income Budget is set up in the 31 account under Current Budget and with appropriate budget object code from income codes (2106 is Federal contract-research).  Income budget may be adjusted for changes in the amount of funding. 
  4. Indirect cost budget (F&A or Facility and Administrative Costs) is also set up in the 31 account (6900) since it is not spendable by the project director.  Indirect cost is computed and posted monthly.
  5. Fiscal year income and indirect cost drawn are shown under YTD Actual.
  6. GTD Actual is income and indirect cost over the life of the grant.
  7. Income Balance is income not yet invoiced, drawn or received and undrawn indirect cost.
  8. Detailed transactions for the current fiscal year are shown on the ledger each month.
  9. Expense budget is set up under Current Budget.  BA’s, or budget adjustments, adjust this column as well as indirect cost on the income page.
  10. Fiscal year-to-date expenditures are shown under YTD Actual and detailed transactions are shown each month for the entire fiscal year.
  11. Grant-to-date expenditures are accumulated over the life of the grant.
  12. Expense balance is the amount available for the project director to spend. 

Grants and Contracts Ledgers Sample (pdf format)