Policy 5107 – Intracampus requisitions and Interdepartmental Invoices

Effective Date: 6/20/2014

Responsible Office: Comptroller’s Office




Intracampus requisitions are to be used to pay for purchases or services rendered by another department on campus.  Examples include Motor Pool, Housing, Campus Dining and Technical Services.

The Intracampus requisitions are in triplicate.  The white and canary copies are to be forwarded to the department rendering the service or materials and the pink copy is to be kept for your files.

Samples for filling out the Intracampus Requisition are attached.  Please take particular care in typing of your charge code in the “Account to be Charged.”

Intercampus Requisitions are to be signed by the department head of the department being charged (requested by) and by the person acknowledging that the services have been received (received by) and the date received entered.

Pads of regular Intracampus Requisitions may be picked up in the Comptroller’s Office, Keeny Hall Room 128.

Intracampus Requisitions Sample (pdf format)





Departments rendering services of furnishing materials to another department and receiving payment by Intracampus Requisitions must send the white copies of the Intracampus Requisitions along with and Interdepartmental Invoice to the Comptroller’s Office in order to receive credit on their ledger.

More than one Intracampus Requisition may be on the same Interdepartmental Invoice.  Verify accuracy of the Intracampus Requisitions.  Instructions for filling out an Interdepartmental Invoice are:

  1. Type in department name on the line indicated
  2. Under credit, type income code to be credited
  3. Add from Intercampus Requisitions total amount of sales or services and type beside credit amount
  4. Sales tax is no longer applicable
  5.  Separate Intracampus Requisitions according to funds as listed under class (12’s, 62’s, 22’s, etc.)  Add each fund and type total on appropriate line under the “Charge: Amount” Column
  6. Add total charges and type amount after “Total Intracampus Requisitions per attached”
  7. Add total credits and type amount after “Total Credits”

Date and have the department head sign the Interdepartmental Invoice.  Original Interdepartmental Invoice along with white copies of the Intracampus Requisitions are forwarded to the Comptroller’s Office.  The yellow duplicate Interdepartmental Invoice and yellow copies of the Intracampus Requisitions are retained for your files.

 Pads of Interdepartmental Invoices can be obtained from the Comptroller’s Office, Keeny Hall Room 128.

Interdepartmental Invoices Sample (pdf format)