Policy 5108 – Invoice Statements

Effective Date: 6/20/2014

Responsible Office: Comptroller’s Office


Invoices are sent to persons or companies, other than our University departments, who owe Louisiana Tech University for services performed.  An invoice statement template is available on-line at http://facstaff.latech.edu/finance/ .  Printed invoice statement forms are also available in the Comptroller’s Office.    

  1. INVOICE NUMBER – Department code and consecutive number
  2. DATE – Current date
  3. CUSTOMER ORDER NUMBER – Provided by customer if required by their organization
  4. NAME AND ADDRESS – Complete mailing address
  5. DESCRIPTION – Detail for services performed
  6. AMOUNT – Charge for each service
  7. PAY THIS AMOUNT – Total amount owed the University
  8. ACCOUNT NUMBER – Department number amount will be receipted to
  9. APPROVED-HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – Department Head must sign all invoices.
  10. APPROVED – Dean of College signature, if appropriate


Prepare in four copies (white –original, canary, goldenrod and pink) after obtaining appropriate signatures.  The goldenrod copy will be retained by the department.  The white (original) will be mailed to the customer.  The canary and pink copies will be forwarded to the Comptroller’s Office.


Invoice Statement Sample (pdf format)