Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID Challenge Response Team

In response to the challenges faced by all during the on-going pandemic, Dr. Les Guice formed the COVID Challenge Response Team (CCRT) to create positive change on campus for faculty and staff.


The Campus Appreciation & Recognition of Employees (CARE) Team was established to enhance appreciation and recognition of those who serve the University. Members of the CARE Team: Keri King, Dr. Paul Jackson, Anna Kelley, Katie McGowan, Martha Stevens, Ryan Richard, Shonda Parker and Annie Jantz. Check back for updates on events, resources, and special recognition.

Frequently asked questions

As questions are received or information is acquired that is relevant to the CCRT we will update this area with questions, answers, and resources.

Suggestions and concerns

If you have suggestions for the CCRT or concerns you would like to share, you may use the box below to submit an anonymous email to the CCRT. The email will be reviewed by members of the CCRT who will work to address situations and provide information as they are able. If you wish to be contacted by the Team, please indicate that in your comments and include contact information. Someone from the Team will follow up with you in a few days.  You may also reach out to any of the Team members directly at any time.

CCRT members

Dr. Terry McConathy (Provost), Dr. Jamie Newman (Chair), Dr. Jordan Blazo, Dr. Katie Evans, Courtney Jarrell, Dr. Paul Jackson, Dr. Donna Johnson, Keri King, Sam Speed, Kristi Stake, and Jessica Szymanski