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Grading and deadline FAQs

Interim Emergency Policy for Academics – Spring 2020, COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of possible implications for students when they consider requesting the Pass option for the Spring 2020 quarter. We’ve listed here a number of frequently asked questions relating to the interim policy.

Summary of options for Spring 2020 grading

Letter Grade Earned Pass Option As Applicable  
Undergraduate and Graduate Undergraduate-level Course Graduate-level Course
I – Incomplete requires contract between student and instructor


How do I request to change my letter grade to the Pass option (S grade)?

If you are considering the Pass (S grade) option, start the process by consulting with your advisor to consider the impacts on your GPA, academic standing, financial aid, etc.  Undergraduate students will fill out a request form (to be available prior to the W deadline on May 15, 2020) and submit the form after Spring 2020 final grades are posted between May 27 and June 3, 2020. Graduating seniors will submit the request after their final grades are posted from May 20 to May 22, 2020. Requests must be submitted after grades are posted and will be accepted only during the posted timeframes.

What grades qualify for the Pass option (S grade)?

Undergraduate courses receiving a final grade of A, B, or C qualify to be converted to an S on your transcript to represent you passed the course.

Graduate courses receiving a final grade of A or B qualify to be converted to an S on your transcript to represent you passed the course.

When can I request to change my letter grade to the Pass option (S grade)?

Students planning to graduate Spring 2020 term must request the change from May 20 – 22, 2020.  Students who are not graduating Spring 2020 term, can request the change from May 27 to June 3, 2020.

How do I start the request to change my letter grade to the Pass option (S grade)?

Start with your advisor for consultation about this request. There are many factors to consider, and your advisor can help you think through your decision.

What does the Pass option (S grade) do to my GPA?

The Pass Option (S Grade) does not change your GPA.  S grades count only toward your attempted and earned hours.

How is the Pass option (S grade) displayed on my transcript?

If you decide to use the Pass option, it will be represented with a S grade on your transcript.  The S stands for Satisfactory.  Satisfactory grades count toward your attempted and earned hours.  Satisfactory grades do not count toward any quality points or quality hours. Therefore, they can impact whether or not you are named to an academic honor roll.  Satisfactory grades do not count toward your GPA.

Is there still an option to Withdraw from a course?

Yes, you can withdraw from a course like any other term to receive a W for that course.  The W deadline has been extended to May 15, 2020.

Is there a difference between a letter grade F and the fail option?

No.  The pass option does not change a D or F grade.

What if I receive a letter grade of D for the term?  What options do I have for Pass (S grade)?

If you receive a letter grade of D, it will remain as a D on your transcript.  It is recommended that you speak with your advisor.

If I am in a course required in my undergraduate curriculum and I only need a letter grade of D for it, but my GPA is just below a 2.0. what happens if I receive a C and take the Pass option (S grade)?

Since the Pass Option is only available to A, B, or C, using the Pass Option will count toward your curriculum in this case.  However, even a C may benefit you to bring the cumulative GPA up compared to the S grade that will not change your GPA at all.

I am on Academic Probation this term; what if I use the Pass option (S grade) for all of my courses?

The Pass Option does not compute a GPA of any kind.  Your cumulative GPA would remain the same as it was for the prior term.  You will need to speak to your advisor and the associate dean in your college who handles academic suspensions, appeals, etc.

What does a Pass option (S grade) do to me if I am looking to go to graduate school or professional school?

Speak with your advisor and reach out to the graduate/professional program you are interested in attending to see how they will handle a S grade for a required course.

What does the Pass option (S grade) do to my Financial Aid and/or scholarships?

Each case can be unique. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office directly.

If I chose the Pass option (S grade), can I ever revert back to the letter grade?

No.  Once a student accepts the Pass Option, it will permanently stand.  It is important for each student to consult with his/her advisor and/or financial aid prior to making this decision.

Once I request the Pass option (S grade), how long will it take to show on my transcript?

This will depend how many students request this action.  These actions require changes in the student information system per student and course.  Please be patient with this request.

Note:  If you decided to use the pass option, your unofficial transcript at the end of term will reflect the original letter grade submitted by your professor with an S added.  Unofficial transcripts show grade changes.  When you order an official transcript, it would only show the S representing a Pass.

Can I opt for a Pass (S) grade in one class and accept the grade in my other classes?

Yes.  You need to specify which class or classes you are requesting a Pass (S)_grade for on the Request Form.

If I am an international student, how will a Pass (S) grade affect my visa?

You need to contact the ISO (International Student Office – for specific details.

If I am a graduate student on probation/suspension or conditionally admitted, how will a Pass (S) grade affect my standing?

You will be negatively affected by any grade below B.  You need to consult your advisor, the associate dean of your college, and financial aid if you have any type of scholarship or loan.

I am taking a course at another college/university this term and I am going to transfer it back to Louisiana Tech University when I complete the course.  Can I request Louisiana Tech University to convert if to a pass/fail?

Louisiana Tech University will transcribe each course as it appears on the other college/university official transcript.  If you are taking a course with another college/university, you should consult with them about your pass/fail options during the time you are enrolled with them.