Return to Campus

Use of technology

As mentioned in the symptom monitoring section, faculty, staff,  and students who are instructed or authorized to return to campus must conduct symptom monitoring every day before coming to campus, and it is their personal responsibility to do so. Individuals must be free of ANY symptoms related to COVID-19 to report to work. For individuals who work in a higher-risk environment, your departments may require temperature monitoring, and your supervisors will advise those individuals of appropriate measures.

While a monitoring app is not required, several options exist to help gauge symptoms or participate in COVID-19 related public health research. They include:

  • COVID-19 Self Checker— Developed by Johns Hopkins
  • COVID Symptom Tracker —Developed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London, and Stanford University School of Medicine; provides local virus hot spot information and is linked to numerous research studies such as the Nurses’ Health Study