Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Safe health practices in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Louisiana Tech University is committed to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus on campus.  This commitment must be shared among everyone on our campus, including faculty, staff, students, and all others. The University cannot eliminate the risk of contracting Coronavirus on campus.

However, to reduce the risk posed by the Coronavirus, the University will adhere to UL System guidelines and follow recommendations of state and local health officials as much as reasonably possible. To that end, all faculty, staff, students, and others present on campus will also be expected to follow the same guidelines and recommendations.  While subject to change, you are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Face masks and coverings may be worn on campus, but are not required.
  • Students, faculty, and staff on campus should practice frequent hand-washing.
  • If you are feeling sick, tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in direct contact with a person who has COVID-19, you should follow the University’s protocols found here.