Group Counseling

Group counseling is a type of psychotherapy that involves meeting with a group of individuals whom all face similar concerns. Group sessions involve sharing your experiences and listening to others experiences. … Also, you may have an opportunity to continue with the same group into the next quarter. At this time, Group sessions are available through Zoom with the exception of the Walk and Talk Group.

A Teletherapy Consent Form must be completed and return to to obtain Zoom log in information.

The current Therapy Group sessions are as follows:

Anxiety Group

Monday at 5:00

Are you feeling overwhelmed by academic pressures and other stressful circumstances? This group is for students who want to learn about anxiety and how to manage it. This structured skills group uses cognitive-behavioral based strategies to help break the cycle of anxiety.


Monday at 5:00 PM

This an interpersonal process group providing awareness of suicidal ideation and self-harm behaviors in a safe and validating environment. Students will learn ways to respond, rather than react to one’s thoughts and emotions towards self-harm and suicidality.


Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Have you ever left a movie theater full of emotions? Insights and inspiration? Did you want to share you impressions and feelings right away? If so, join our counseling center for out cinema therapy group. In this group, we will watch predetermined movies each week and then spend a brief time discussing the film and our thoughts related to the message of the movie. Seating is limited, and a reservation is necessary by calling 318-257-2488.


Tuesday 5:00 PM

Feeling depressed? Isolated? Wanting connection?

This group provides a safe space where members can receive validation and support one another. Group topic include negative self-talk, social isolation, self-esteem, lack of motivation, and negative thoughts. This group will learn how to cope with depression, make authentic connections, and engage in self-care.

Gender Variant Group

Wednesday at 5:00 PM

This group provides a safe and affirming space to explore a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, relationships, self-acceptance, and coping with discrimination. Discussions may include gender identity exploration, adjusting to new social identities, negotiating how to come out to friends or family, and/ or transitioning.


Wednesday 5:00 PM

For female undergraduate and graduate students looking for a safe space to communicate their needs, feelings, and form new relationships. This group will provide insight and awareness when dealing with overall college experience and encourage self-confidence. Come be a part of our new girl group!

Smart HABITS Academy

Thursday at 3:00 PM

Providing assistance for students who are “at risk” of academic probation or suspension, coaching students to learn the fundamental skills and strategies to achieve better life choices and to improve their GPA. Topics cover all areas of college student’s life to include studying, lifestyle, relationships, behaviors, and finding your purpose through your career. Certificate of completion is obtained as documentation of completion.

This Is Me! LGBQ Support

Thursday 4:00 PM

Our goal is to provide a safe and understanding environment that facilitates healthy discussion among peers. This Is Me! Is an interpersonal process group that provides a safe, affirming, and empowering space for individuals who are exploring their sexuality or identifies as a sexual minority (Lesbian. Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual, Demisexual, Asexual, etc.)

Walk and Talk Group!

Thursday 5:00 PM

Meet at Lady of the Mist

Hop up, and come explore the beautiful parks and scenery that Louisiana Tech has to offer. If you have felt stuck in the past (or stuck on the couch), come join us! Being physically active helps release tension and stimulates new thoughts and ideas. It is a metaphor for moving forward. This group will enable you to grow closer to yourself, others, and nature all at once!

Lean On Me

Thursday 5:00PM

Have you witnessed or experienced racial discrimination? Concerned with self-acceptance? Struggling to cope with microaggressions? Lean on Me provides a safe and affirming space to explore a variety of issues related to racial oppression, discrimination, sexuality, and microaggressions. Group members learn the impact of systemic oppression on mental and physical health and coping strategies for microaggressions and discrimination.