Digital Measures

Louisiana Tech University joins more than 800 schools and colleges in more than 25 countries in its use of Digital Measures’ web-based software for higher education. Digital Measures allows faculty to collect information and report their activities in the areas of teaching, research and service. Once faculty members have their data in the system, reports can be prepared for a variety of uses, including annual activity surveys, promotion and tenure reports, and documents for accreditation and assessment.

The Center for Academic and Professional Development will be offering periodic sessions featuring Tech’s administrators for Digital Measures, so check back for updates. Contact your college administrator if you have questions, or call CAPD at 2912. You can also go to the link for the Louisiana Tech Login Page to start building your own Digital Measures portfolio (Note: your college’s administrator must give you an access code before you can login – these are NOT available through CAPD).

College Digital Measures Administrators:

Administration and Business: Dr. Otis Gilley

Education: Dr. Tillman Sheets

Engineering: Dr. Mel Corley

Liberal Arts: Mr. Bill Willoughby

Applied and Natural Sciences: Dr. Janet Pope

Library: Mr. Mike DiCarlo