Programs Offered

The Center for Academic and Professional Development not only offers individualized training and faculty and staff development sessions, but regularly running programs as well. A few of those offerings are listed below – check back at this website for dates when these programs are offered.

The New Faculty Academy

The New Faculty Academy is a series of sessions designed to familiarize faculty new to Louisiana Tech with the University, the surrounding area, and each other. New faculty members are invited to attend monthly sessions (typically offered September through November) with their peers to discuss opportunities and challenges of University life.

There are SIX REQUIRED SESSIONS including:

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Blackboard Training
  • Teaching in a Smart Classroom
  • Introduction to CICS and BOSS
  • Exploring the Advising Process and Handbook
  • Campus Resources for Students: Students With Disabilities Office, Counseling Center, and Health Center.

These sessions are required in order to enable new faculty to have the information they need to successfully fulfill their professional responsibilities, and to make sure they are aware of legal issues related to dealing with students and other Tech employees. Attendance at REQUIRED SESSIONS is mandatory and must be documented through sign-in sheets.

In addition, non-required sessions are offered, and these sessions focus on areas that previous University new faculty have asked for and have found to be extremely helpful as they begin their careers at Louisiana Tech. These voluntary sessions are offered in areas such as:

  • University Research and You: Submitting a Proposal – The Routing Basics
  • Research and Electronic Resources at Louisiana Tech: Before and After You Get the Paper
  • Purchasing Policies and Procedures at Louisiana Tech University
  • Intellectual Property: What Every Researcher Needs to Know
  • The Honor Code/Dealing With Problem Students

It is our hope that new faculty (and old) will take advantage of these sessions to insure that they obtain the full benefit of all of the resources Tech has to offer.

Best Practices in College Teaching Series

CAPD is proud to present an all-new series of presentations by the members of the Academic Development Advisory Council, a council consisting of many of Louisiana Tech’s award-winning professors who have recently won the Virgil Orr, F. Jay Taylor, University Senate Chair, and University Foundation Awards. While these awards are often based on excellence in teaching, some of the awards also consider research and service as well. These professors will share their tips for teaching excellence, balancing teaching, research, and service, and will also address other topics of interest. These question-and-answer sessions will be offered three-to-four times a year and will address topics of current interest to faculty. Come ask some of Tech’s finest educators how they meet the challenges of teaching in the 21st century.

Louisiana Tech University’s Internationalizing the Curriculum Initiative Presentation Series

Each year a number of faculty research and travel grants are awarded through Louisiana Tech’s Internationalizing the Curriculum Initiative, sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs.  In 2009, faculty members will discuss their research and development endeavors in Nicaragua, Russia, Germany, and more. Check the monthly calendar for these monthly presentations.

These, and other programs, will be offered by CAPD throughout the year. Check back for dates and times.