Compressed Video Rooms

Compressed Video (CV) Rooms available:

Wyly Tower 1014: Seating capacity 27

Wyly Tower 1015: Seating capacity 25

Requests for teaching, training, and administrative use of the compressed video classrooms are given first priority in scheduling.Such requests and technical assistance are scheduled at no charge to the university sponsoring unit.

Usage of facilities by non-Tech organizations, continuing education (CE) programs, and other funded (grant/student fee) units is available as scheduling options permit.

Scheduling of the Compressed Video Classrooms is the responsibility of the Director of the Center for Instructional Technology, Prescott Memorial Library 1013, phone 257-2912, e-mail citadmin@latech.edu .

A CV Reservation Form must be requested, completed, and submitted at least five days prior to the event.  A technical coordinator will be provided by the university.  A program coordinator must be identified by the requesting unit as the on-site representative.

Usage rates for off-campus organizations, continuing education, and other funded programs:

Non-profit organizations (including CE, and other funded programs) $75/hour

For-profit organizations $100/hour.

An additional $40 fee will be required for technical support.

No food or drink is allowed in the compressed video classrooms.

Cancellation of a reservation less than 48 hours in advance will require payment of $50 of the required fee. The university reserves the right to reduce or waive facilities and equipment charges where a compelling public need or interest is served. The Space Utilization Committee reserves the right to increase charges beyond the stated usage rates if circumstances require.

Use of Louisiana Tech property for non-Tech functions requires proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. A certificate of insurance along with an indemnification statement must be provided with the request form.