Forever Loyal

The Campaign for Louisiana Tech University

An extension of Louisiana Tech’s “Ever Loyal Be” motto was chosen as our campaign title because our alumni are among the nation’s most loyal. In surveys of university alumni nationwide, Tech graduates ranked among the most enthusiastic in how they remember the excellence of their student experience, the frequency with which they promote their school, and their opinion of today’s Louisiana Tech. This holds as true for recent graduates as it does for those who graduated six decades earlier.

The boldest fundraising initiative in Louisiana Tech University history, the $125 million “Forever Loyal” Campaign is inspired by the achievements of the university’s first 125 years, the remarkable loyalty of alumni and friends, and our extraordinary potential for growth. Like Tech’s unique culture, this campaign is practical and value driven, focused on fostering innovation, collaboration, and service to others.

With these strategic investments, Louisiana Tech can reach a potential recognized not just in Louisiana or the United States, but worldwide. The Times Higher Education and World University Rankings identified Louisiana Tech University as one of 20 global universities and just one of nine universities in the U.S. that could “challenge the elite universities” to become globally renowned by 2030.

Just as important, this campaign will continue Louisiana Tech’s “ever loyal” commitment to drive economic prosperity, educational attainment, and quality of life for the people of Louisiana and the surrounding region.

The philanthropic investments outlined here will support Louisiana Tech in providing students with unparalleled education and building research programs focused on tackling the grand challenges of our time, as well as developing the 21st Century Campus vital to these educational and research goals.

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